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Sparkle With Radiance this Navratri With Preety Tyagi

Look your best this Navratri with the help of our expert; Preety Tyagi.
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Published -08 Oct 2021, 11:11 ISTUpdated -08 Oct 2021, 11:36 IST
how to stay fit this navratri

Navratri is the most auspicious time of the year which brings with it, the blessings of goddess Durga and excitement and enthusiasm. However, the nine day fasting can leave us tired, exhausted and feeling a lack of energy, if we don’t follow the fasting in the right manner. After having a talk with our expert health coach; Preety Tyagi we learnt that everyone must understand that though fasting is important the so is your health and you must know how to balance it out for yourself. Follow the fasting but do it the right way. Don’t deprive your body of the essential nutrients and hydration that your body requires to function efficiently. 

Keep these points in mind while fasting this Navratri

Pre fasting diet

pre fasting diet

Pre fasting diet, in the case of navratri, refers to every meal that you take to open your fast. Since it’s an ongoing, 9 day ritual, your every complete meal, every evening, should be adequate in a way to prepare you for a healthy start next day. Make sure you include all the good carbs every evening. 

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You must come up with a fasting plan for yourself, where you allow yourself to consume water. Water and other healthy liquids such as coconut water, lemon water, fruit and vegetable juices, chhachh or buttermilk, should be included in your navratri diet. 

preety tyagi quote

Include nuts and seeds such as chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, almonds, flax seeds etc. in your diet, to provide you the nourishment and energy that your body requires to stay healthy and fit. All these are allowed in navratri fasting and must be a part of your fasting diet.

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Keep moving

keep moving

Indulge in some light workout only but do indulge in it even while you are fasting. To avoid issues of indigestion, bloating, constipation etc., you must avoid being sedentary, especially during these nine days.

Try to avoid tea and coffee, instead indulge in other healthy fluids such as coconut water, lemon water, cucumber juice, carrot juice etc.

Last but not the least, keep a positive mindset and spread cheer and happiness during these auspicious times. That’s exactly what would make the goddess happy!

Preety Tyagi is a certified Health Coach from Institute of Intergative Nutrition, New York. She is the recipient of Distinguished Service Award and Sashakth Nari Samman from government And recipient of Smart Global City Entrepeneur Award. She is also the Wellness Ambassador for Fortis Escorts. If you love articles like these then stay to to HerZindagi for more.

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