You just can't survive without your lungs! The organs help you in breathing, consuming oxygen and throwing carbon-di-oxide out of the body.  While we breathe air every second, our lungs filter this air so that they don't harm our bodies. If your lungs do not work properly they will not be able to throw out the harmful toxins and carbon dioxide from your body this will have negative effects on your health. If you aren't really taking care of your health, your body will start showing you signs and they would mean that it is time you start taking care of your lungs right away. 

Common Causes of Unhealthy Lungs 


causes of unhealthy lungs

Smoking is very harmful to your lung health. Nicotine present in the smoke of cigarettes can damage your lungs and it is also one of the biggest reasons for lung cancer. Also, passive smoking is as harmful as active smoking. 


causes of unhealthy lungs

Excessive consumption of alcohol is also harmful to your lungs. Drinking alcohol not only damages your lungs but is also the biggest cause behind health issues like high blood pressure, depression, and liver disease.

Carpet Cleaning

causes of unhealthy lungs

Yes, it may surprise you but your carpet contains a lot of microbes and dust. If you don't keep a check on it and don't clean it regularly, these microbes will enter your body and damage your respiratory system. 

Using pesticide

If you use excessive pesticide to kill insects at your home, it may also cause lung damage. These pesticides release ammonia and chlorine like gasses. When you inhale, these gases pass through your respiratory system and cause lung damage.


Using bleach for cleaning can also harm your lungs. There are harmful gases like ammonia and chlorine released by this bleach which can cause lung damage.

Air Pollution

Polluted air contains a lot of microbiomes and dust. These harmful microbiomes damage your lung and can also cause nausea and heartburn.

Signs Your Lungs Are Unhealthy


If you are continuously suffering from coughing, it may be a danger sign for your lung health. If there is coughing with mucus and blood it may be a serious condition like bronchitis.

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Chest pain

If you are suffering from Chest pain for a long time and if this pain becomes sharper during coughing and breathing, it may be a clear sign that your lungs are unwell.


When you feel extreme fatigue during your daily work, it can be a sign of unhealthy lungs. Your cells require oxygen to work and if they do not get proper oxygen your body may feel tired all the time.

Weight loss

Unwell lungs can cause inner swelling in your body. It may reduce your muscle mass and this can lead to unwanted weight loss.

These were some causes and symptoms of unwell lungs. If you wish to keep your lungs healthy, avoid eating unhealthy and try to live stressfree and pollution free.

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