It might be tempting to sleep on a sofa when you are watching television late at night and don’t have the energy to go back to your bed. Although, this practice is fine occasionally but very harmful if done regularly. Even though you might have the urge to take those afternoon naps on the couch, you should control as it is strictly not advisable. 

We all know how hard it can be to sleep on a sofa because they are not designed for this purpose. Your body is not fully supported on a mattress, therefore, it can be harmful for your body in the long run. Read on to know about all the reasons that you shouldn’t sleep on a couch.

The Material Is Not Right

There is a difference between the material of a sofa and a mattress. This doesn’t only restrict your position while sleeping but also the heat is not well absorbed as it does in a mattress. This is because some mattresses are designed to absorb a lot of heat while others are designed to not absorb much heat. 

Wrong Position

sleeping sofa book

A bad sleeping position is common while sleeping on a sofa. As sofa’s are compact when compared to the bed, therefore, they cannot provide the needed support to your whole body, thus, you cannot sleep in your desired position which makes you feel uncomfortable.

As it can be difficult to sleep in a proper position on the sofa, therefore, you will get an undisturbed sleep along with pains and aches in the morning. 


Sofas are mostly placed in the living room of the house which is the most illuminated part. Therefore, if you fall asleep on the sofa, it is less likely to be a total blackout. However, a dark room is really necessary to get a proper sleep and if it’s not dark, then you are bound to have a disturbed sleep throughout the night.

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Apart from being the most lit area of the house, living room is also the area where most activities of the house take place as it is common space for all the member of the family. Therefore, if you fall asleep on the couch in the living room, your sleep will be constantly disturbed due to continuous distractions. 

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Back Pain

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Back pain is not just the result of some injury or age. It can also be caused due to the wrong position while sleeping, sitting or walking. You may not feel anything immediately but you might start to feel the pain after a day or two. 

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If you are regularly sleeping in a wrong position, then you are bound to feel back pain every now and then. This is because sleeping on a sofa can increase the pressure on your spine causing it to ache. If its too late for you, then you must get a bed specifically designed for reliving back pain.

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