Mira Kapoor Shares Benefits Of Doing Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

Mira Kapoor does 12 rounds of anulom vilom every morning to get mentally ready for the day ahead. 

Tanya Malik
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Those who follow Mira Rajput Kapoor on her Instagram religiously know that she is a health freak. From eating all things healthy to using natural, effective ingredients for her skin and hair, Mira Kapoor serves just the perfect inspiration to so many of us.

She truly believes in the power of our ancient roots and managed to change our perspectives all this while too.

Recently, Mira Rajput Kapoor took to her Instagram handle and shared the three things that are a part of her everyday routine. One of the first things that she shared was 12 rounds of Anulom Vilom.

For those who don't know, anulom vilom is a specific type of breathing or pranayama in yoga. In this pranayama, you first hold one nostril closed while inhaling and then hold the other nostril closed while exhaling.

Mira Kapoor Does 12 Rounds Of Anulom Vilom

Mira Kapoor on her Instagram post shared that she does 12 rounds of anulom vilom everyday. She wrote it's like 3 espresso shots but with jitters for her. She further shared that the pranayama helps one get mentally ready for the day, calm, rejuvenated, and wakes up her brain.

Benefits Of Anulom Vilom

Anulom Vilom Boosts The Respiratory System

A lot of studies suggest that doing breathing practices like anulom vilom can help improve the functioning of your lungs. Doing this pranayama everyday helps strengthen the lungs. This further keeps any respiratory issues at bay such as a chest infection or asthma. This is extremely crucial today when we are still amidst a pandemic.

Practicing this breathing exercise also helps in removing any blockage in the nostrils and ensures a regular flow of oxygen in the body. It further helps treat issues like sinus, common cold, and cough.

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Anulom Vilom Reduces Stress

anulom vilom for health benefits

Practicing this pranayama can help you improve your anxiety levels. If you are someone who is under a lot of stress or just feels overworked then doing this pranayama can help. It helps in reducing the cortisol level in the body and makes you feel a lot more light and happy. Not just that, it will also help you:

  • Have a good sleep
  • Manage your anger levels
  • Reduce headaches
  • Keep depression and anxiety at bay

Anulom Vilom Helps Maintain A Healthy Heart

Doing this yoga pranayama can help purify the blood by increasing the oxygen supply in the body. It further helps in removing in blockage in the blood. Practicing anulom vilom also helps regulate your blood pressure which thereby reduces the risk of any heart issues.

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Anulom Vilom Improves Digestion

health benefits anulom vilom

Anulom vilom helps in regulating your breathing which further protects you from stomach issues like constipation, diarrhea, indigestion among others.

Anulom Vilom Is Great For Your Skin

Doing deep breathing exercises like anulom vilom may you glow from within. This pranayama activates the tissues and re-energises your body. This then starts to show on your face. Doing it regularly will help you get a beautiful facial glow.

Do you practice anulom vilom or any other yoga pranayama everyday? Tell us your thoughts on our Facebook page. For more such health-related stories, stay tuned!