There are many who cannot start their day without a hot and refreshing cup of tea. It kickstarts our daily life, wakes us up to get ready for work besides many other health benefits. But, if you are one of those, who avoid this great drink, here are a few reasons that will make you fall in love with a hot cup of masala tea. 

Boosts Energy

It is an energy booster that has caffeine. It does have negative effects as the base is black tea, when taken in excessive quantities, but the other ingredients in masala tea balance it all out. 


cold tea

Masala tea has antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties which helps in preventing cold and nasal congestion. The clove and gin will also help you in treating cough. One cup a day is enough to make the cough go away. 

Boosts Immunity

This cup of hot spices in the form of tea is very good for the immune system. It has clove and cinnamon which makes us stronger. It creates a defence which bars infections from passing through. 


The elaichi, clove, and tulsi in the tea help our digestive system. The ginger gives the tea more added benefits making it totally medicinal. It has a calming effect on the body as well. 

Blood Pressure

bp tea

If you a fluctuating B.P then masala tea is your knight in shining armour. Masala tea has a dilating effect on blood which helps in the treatment of medical issues due to high blood pressure. This beverage helps in regulating the blood circulation in the body which further prevents fluctuation in blood pressure.

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Cancer Prevention

As per studies and researches, the antioxidising properties of masala tea can help in preventing cancer. The main spices we are talking about here include cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon, which have cancer-preventing properties

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If you have a good metabolism then it also helps in keeping our weight in check. A fast metabolism is very important to be fit. Masala tea is good for digestion which helps metabolism.

Menstrual Cramps

pms tea

Not many realise but masala tea is very good for fighting the period pain or PMS Cramps. So many of us have severe pains and this when a cuppa comes in handy. It calms the muscles and our nerves. 


Masala tea has ingredients that have the properties to help in reducing the risk of diabetes. The ingredients in the tea increase the sensitivity of the insulin in our body which in turn reduces the blood sugar levels.

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