Just like the name of this veggie, the benefits Ladyfinger has to offer is also intriguing. While many people avoid cooking them at home, but do you know it is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals? Ladyfinger packs impressive amounts of nutrients into his little pods. So, here are some of its impressive health benefits and reasons why you should not overlook it in your health regimen. 

Improves Digestion

why you should eat ladyfinger inside five

The dietary fibre is extremely high in ladyfinger and thus, aids the process of digestion facilitates proper bowl movement, prevents constipation and flushes the toxins out of your body.

Prevents Heart Disease

why you should eat ladyfinger healthy heart

Cholesterol can trigger several heart diseases and ailments. The fibre in ladyfinger can lower bad cholesterol level by ensuring less absorption of cholesterol in our system. Not only does this fibre help in maintaining our heart health but also keeps cardiovascular diseases at bay!

Prevents Cancer Formation

Ladyfinger contains a type of protein, lectin which is proven to fight human breast cancer cells and suppress the cancer cell growth in our body by at least 63%.

Helps Treat Diabetes

why you should eat ladyfinger juice

It’s the fibre, again. Ladyfinger's dietary fibre stablises blood sugar level by slowing down the sugar absorption rate.  In fact, in some countries, its roasted seeds are used as a traditional medicine to treat diabetes. It also contains myricetin, which increases our muscles sugar absorption rate and quickly lowers our blood sugar level.

Keeps You Fuller

Adequate fiber intake has shown to boost digestion and cut down your diet intake. It also keeps you full for longer hours.

Helps Preserve Eye Health

why you should eat ladyfinger healthy eyesights

Ladyfinger contains vitamin A content which keeps your eyes and optic nerve safe. Hence, it keeps your eyesight good. Vitamin A is also a potent anti-oxidant vitamin which plays an important role in reducing the impact of free radicals and is even associated with reduced cataract development.

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Protects Liver

why you should eat ladyfinger liver health

Ladyfinger counteracts liver diseases by stabilizing the surface of the liver cell membrane. This also means that free radicals are less likely to harm your liver.

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Beneficial During Pregnancy

The high amount of folate availability in ladyfinger is extremely beneficial for baby growth. It also manages pregnant women hemoglobin level which in turn prevents iron deficiency and anemia. It also contains vitamin C which enhances the health of both mom and baby.

So, next time you head to the grocery store, don't forget to buy this power-packed veggie! 

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