Even though it comes every month, the menstrual period can be uncomfortable with bloating, mood swings, cramps, etc. As young girls live an active lifestyle including school/college, outings with friends, sports, and much more, having a comfortable period is essential. Moreover, in today’s day and age, it is important to choose your comfort and the well-being of the planet by opting for eco-friendly menstrual solutions. Here are some tips by Mr. Hemender Hoon, Managing Director, Noraa, that can make these things possible.

Say Yes To Organic And Eco-Friendly Pads

eco friendly pads

While pads are perfect to comfortably avoid spotting and get through the period in a hassle-free manner, regular pads greatly add to the non-biodegradable waste that is currently choking the planet. Additionally, pads made with cheap inorganic materials like plastic can cause discomfort and rashes. Therefore, a smooth period requires organic and eco-friendly pads that are made with a soft, biodegradable, and absorbent material that is gentle on the sensitive skin and maintains its natural pH level. One can also look out for certifications such as FDA or BIS to ensure that their pads are safe for them and the environment.

Use Organic Intimate Wipes

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Cleansing your intimate area with wipes, especially during your period, can make sure you remain healthy, fresh, and rash-free. It also inhibits bacterial growth that can lead to itching and odour. Again, for the best of health and wellness, choose organic wipes that will keep the pH levels intact and gently cleanse the area. Apart from menstruation, these wipes should also be used after exercise or going to the toilet. This will also keep infections like UTI at bay.

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Switch To Cotton Clothes

Ditch the synthetic clothing and switch to pure cotton underwear and clothes. During the hot and humid season, which is particularly harsh in our country, excessive sweating throughout the period can lead to bacterial infections, itching, odor, and more. In such a scenario, cotton clothes and underpants let your skin breathe let you stay cool and hygienic.

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Go For Chemical-Free And Plastic-Free Products

Today, our intimate care product options have grown considerably as compared to a decade ago. We have pads, tampons, wipes, intimate washes, and more. This is a fortunate and great step towards holistic intimate health. However, one area of caution can be the harmful ingredients hiding inside these products. Many leading brands use harsh chemicals and plastic that make these products detrimental to your health. Instead of these, look for brands that offer products that are free from chemicals, plastic, and other harmful ingredients. Select options that are safe, soft, and healthy.

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Change Pads Frequently

When pads aren’t changed multiple times during the day, even if the flow is low, it can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. The only solution, apart from using organic and safe pads, is to change the pad every 3-4 hours. Of course, remember to use your trusted, organic intimate wipes to stay completely safe and fresh between every pad change.

With these tips, you will have a happy period month after month! So stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such personal hygiene tips.