Everytime we watch our favourite stars on the television screen, we wish to know what's really the secret behind their fit body and perfect skin. Not just do they look great on screen but offline too, when they post their pictures on different social media platforms, they look so flawless. 

Recently, I got a chance to chat with television actress Gouri Tonnk. The actress who was last seen on the show 'Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki' is super fit and is often seen promoting health and fitness awareness on her social media platforms. 

Gouri Tonnk's Fitness Advice To Women

Give Importance To Yourself

It is very important for all women to take themselves seriously, take out time for yourself, eat regularly without long gaps between meals as this can cause acidity and gas which is detrimental for your health.

Eat Right 

gouri tonnk

Right now, we are fighting COVID, so you need to stay healthy and eat healthy food like fruits, vegetables, and other high-fibre foods at fixed timings.  

Drinking plenty of water and cutting out junk food will also go a long way in staying fit. Besides this, you should take out between 30 minutes to one hour to engage in some form of physical exercise, be it yoga, skipping, walking, or weights. 

Count Housework As Cardio

The housework we engage in can count as cardio but exercise involving weights can help further in staying fit. Don’t forget to take care of yourself while taking care of others. 

Managing your weight will actually help you feel fresh, energetic and help not only you but also your family.

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Gouri Tonnk's Daily Diet Routine 

The Shakti actress shared that she begins her day with a big bottle of water. Post that, she has pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, almonds, and black raisins that are soaked in water overnight.

To kickstart her day, she drinks half a cup of tea to wake herself up. She shared that she doesn't indulge in a large mug as caffeine isn’t supposed to be all that healthy. 

For breakfast, she shared that she has toast and eggs in any form, an omelette, scrambled, or simply boiled. 

Her mid-meal snacks are fruits. For lunch, she has roti with vegetables and dal and most importantly curd along with some salad.

Post lunch she doesn't eat for a few hours so that she can do her yoga routine at 4 pm. 

If she craves a snack before her dinner, she has soya chips or other healthy snacks. 

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For dinner usually has roti with chicken or paneer accompanied by a salad. Once in a while, she shared that she indulges in parathas but on a regular basis, she has rotis made using ragi or millet. 

Gouri Tonnk shared that it is important to reward your body as well, if a certain food makes you happy, reserve for yourself a cheat day where you indulge in it. She shared that burgers are her favourite cheat meals. 

She also shared that she keeps herself hydrated through the day by drinking lots of water, coconut water and these days also has mango shakes. 

Gouri Tonnk's Diet Tip

The actress shared that it is important to keep your meal portions small, never to eat a lot at once, rather divide it into portions. This might be hard to do in the beginning but in the long term, it helps with easy digestion and aids to your weight loss if that is a goal for you. You can eat as much as you need, but it should be in moderation as that is better for your health. A balanced diet is key. 

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