We all know how important it is to work out every day or indulge in some form of physical activity to maintain our overall wellbeing. Everyone has their way of keeping themselves fit, some people believe in doing yoga or pranayama while others hit the gym, and sweat it out by lifting heavy weights and machines. But many times it happens that we stop exercising or lose the motivation to continue with our workouts. So, why does it happen? Let’s find out by looking at some common reasons that make it difficult for you to keep going.

Being Too Harsh On Yourself

why we stop working out

Most people get excited and charged up, to begin with, their fitness regime. Although, there is nothing with being enthusiastic about working out. But, we often start following extreme practices in the name of fitness. Some people either start lifting weights that are way too heavier or would adapt to a challenging diet that can be difficult to follow and be consistent. The best way is to start slow and then began with pushing your boundaries or limits. Initially, do the exercises that make you happy and are easy to perform. Do not cut out on anything drastically from your diet, and rather give yourself time to adapt a new lifestyle.

Looking For Quick Result

why we lose motivation

There is no shortcut for anything in life including reaching your fitness goals. To achieve the goals you need to be consistent and keep following your routine without expecting the results. Once you stop thinking about the results it gets easy for you to become more focused and invest your energy in accomplishing the task at hand. The result will follow automatically once you will stop running after it, you also need to be aware of the products that are often sold as supplements to get faster results.

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Putting Unnecessary Pressure

fitness motivation

You need to stop pressurising yourself to lose kilos or gain muscles within a limited period. Although you can challenge yourself once a week to go hard with the exercises. But, you should not exceed the limits of your body to an extent where you can cause injury. Listen to your body and workout or follow a diet accordingly. There is no point in putting pressure as you will end up getting demotivated when you won’t see the desired results. It’s humanly difficult to cut out on sugar or other substances from the diet and do intense workouts suddenly. The sudden and drastic change only leads to hormonal imbalance in the body which is not good for your overall health.

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Your Daily Habits

No matter how hard you are trying to get in shape or toning your body, but if your habits aren’t healthy you won’t see the result. To be consistent and motivated you to need to follow some disciple in life without being harsh on yourself. Start by making and achieving small tasks like waking early, and then slowly and steadily move towards the bigger goals.