What is fit? How would you define it?  Would you say, a person who has their cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure levels under control is fit? Or probably a person who has a muscular build and has six-pack abs is fit? Sarvesh Shashi, Founder & CEO, SARVA - Yoga, Mindfulness and Beyond says that fitness is often considered to be just a bodily affair, however, that is not completely true. Being at the peak of your fitness includes your physical fitness as well as mental fitness.

You may ask what does mental fitness mean, or how does one measure their mental fitness? 

Mental fitness does not have set parameters that one can measure or test their fitness by. However, when a person feels positive, happy and has stress at a minimal they can be considered mentally fit.  In today’s day and age, everyone is focused on improving their physical health that they often stress themselves out to achieve it. While we’re working on our outer appearance with utmost sincerity what we often forget is that we can only truly shine on the outside when we are healthy on the inside.

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This is where Yoga comes into the picture. Yoga allows you to experience holistic fitness. What this means is, it not only empowers you to achieve your physical goals but also strives to keep you mentally healthy. Yoga has been known to bring about changes in people’s behaviour as a result of regular practice. It is one of the major contributors to relieving stress and anxiety. 

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The simple act of inhaling and exhaling deeply is also yoga. Yogic body movements coupled with breathwork create the perfect segue to enhancing the quality of life of the practitioner. It works on your body and mind at the same time; for example, a cobra pose, allows you to stretch your abdominal, shoulder and chest muscles while relieving stress and fatigue and invigorating the heart. This does not happen magically at the very beginning but is an outcome of consistent practice, the results of which can be seen gradually as you advance in your practice. 


Yoga has time and again proven to be an exercise that makes you physically healthy. Different forms work on the body improving your overall fitness. Yoga does not limit itself only to weight loss but it also enables the practitioner to increase their flexibility, improve their balance, get rid of joint and muscle pains and even increase the weight with the correct guidance. Yoga is the one-stop for all your fitness goals. 

Simultaneously, yoga also works on elevating the practitioners' mood, relieving stress, healing insomnia, creating clarity of thoughts and integrating positivity amongst many other benefits.

Yoga is the perfect way to discover more about yourself, i.e., your body, and mind. While people may have their preconceived notions towards this practice, the true yogis and yoginis stand by this lifestyle based on their personal experiences.

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The difference between living a life that “appears to be fit” and the one that is “actually fit” is yoga, it’s time you cross the bridge towards a fitter future!