Despite being very active, women often accumulate fat around our upper bodies. Be it fat deposition under the arms, belly or maybe at the back, the tires and extra skin hanging from our body don’t look smart and are also an unhealthy way of living. Try these easy workouts suggested to HerZindagi by Dr. Mickey Mehta, Global leading holistic health guru, and a corporate life coach.

Now land swimming would be a very good exercise for reducing flab from underarms and back. I would say emulating the movement of a front crawl by stretching your arms out, reaching it out and turning it behind taking it above the head and again taking it down from behind and again taking it ahead. This could be done alternately keep breathing in and breathing out. Bending the upper body, a little lower and keeping knees soft and doing this exercise will really help the flab from the arms. 

Swimming Stroke Butterfly

swimming stroke butterfly

Both the arms circling down coming right into the front crouching a little bit as you breathe out and breath in and take your arms behind and breath out and crouch in the front that one can do fifteen to twenty times. 

Similar Reverse Breaststroke

Knees soft reverse bring your arms from front to behind both together. 

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Doing A Breaststroke

Bending yourself a little bit doing your breaststroke with arms joining your arms, joining your hands, palm to palm, stretching them out opening them up and as if moving the water behind, pushing the arms back behind your shoulders. Once again breathing in joining your hands close to the chest taking it out opening your arms breathing out and taking them backward. These are the four exercises that one can do to reduce the flab on the underarms and back. 

back fat exercise

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This is a part of Dr. Mickey Mehta's Go Green YO workout initiative and the underarms and back workouts are a part of a Card-YO. Regulated breathing while you exercise and this exercise. This exercise brings your mind in here and now so it’s very recreational also. Apart from losing flab from your underarms and back we also shape up our chest and with gentle bouncing with soft knees while we do the upper body strokes, we also shape up our lower body.

While crouching a little bit we also shape up our abs. When we do our back-stroke movements that is the time we shape up our lower back and make our back agile too. So, it’s all about agility it’s all about mobility it’s all about better blood circulation it’s all about good oxygenation, improving your digestion, improving focus, improving concentration and recreation.