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    These 6 Easy Yoga Asanas Will Help You Stay Healthy And Fit In 2022

    If you love yoga then here are some yoga asanas suggested by our expert which can help you stay healthy in the coming year. 
    Updated at - 2021-12-30,17:04 IST
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    2022 is almost here and we are all still in the middle of a pandemic. The pandemic that hit India almost two years ago continues to be here. COVID-19's new and deadlier strain, Omicron has take over the country. The number of cases have been rising each day. In a lot of cities, precuationary measures have been imposed to prevent the spread of the virus. 

    With this health crisis across the globe, we also see a rise in health practises like Yoga. Ever since the pandemic hit us, we all have started to give a lot more importance to our health than ever before. 

    Indeed, the deadly coronavirus has made us realise the importance of being physically and mentally healthy. Yoga is an ancient practice and is being performed for ages now to boost overall health. Yoga is known to boost one's physical, mental, emotional health. 

    Today, we thought of taking you through the list of some yoga asanas which can help you stay fit and glowing inside out in the coming year. Lifestyle Coach and Grand Master Akshar has shared these yoga asanas with us. Read on.

    Face Yoga

    face yoga

    Yoga includes a couple of asanas and postures like prana mudra, makara mudra, hakini mudra which can make your skin glowing. These asanas help clear up the pores of the sinues, relieve stress and cleanse your eyes, nose and other sensory organs. 

    Other than these asanas, yoga asanas like Shirshasana, Bal Bakasana, Karnapidasana can be performed for shiny, glowing skin. Performing these face yoga asanas helps in reversing blood flow in the body, clears pores and helps release toxins from the body.

    Brain Yoga For Kids 

    yoga for kids

    Our brain is divided into two separate cerebral hemispheres connected by corpus callosum. Doing brain yoga helps in balancing both the hemispheres of the brain. Brain yoga is essentially a form of acupressure and breathing technique which creates balance in our brain. Doing this yoga also helps in bringing energy to the brain.

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    Mind Yoga 

    Inner peace, a stress free mind should be our ultimate goal in life. That's because when we are both mentally and physically fit, we are completely healthy. Achieving inner peace isn't easy, however, yoga can help.

    Yoga meditation is one of the best ways to achieve inner peace. Some easy yoga asanas to relax your mind and achieve mental peace are - 

    • Lizard pose
    • Supported bridge pose
    • Wide leg forward bend pose
    • Reclining bound angle pose
    • Thunderbolt or vajraasana

    Kundalini Yoga

    kundalini yoga

    This form of yoga is performed to activate energy. It is believed that Kundalini yoga awakens the energy present in our body and brings us awareness. Performing this yoga helps in awakening the power hidden within our bodies. It triggers, stimulates and revitalises the sleeping power in our body and helps us use it for self growth and development.

    Hatha Yoga

    hatha yoga

    Hatha yoga includes yoga poses and breathing techniques which are performed much slower than regular asanas. Hatha in Sanskrit means force and this yoga form is traditionally known as the yoga of force. 

    Hatha yoga should be performed under close guidance. It was earlier a secret form of yoga performed in the Himalayas. To date, it is believed that the yoga form has many deep secrets associated with it. 

    Ashtang Yoga

    As the name suggest Ashtang yoga is a form of yoga which revolves around the eight limbs. The key purpose of Ashtang yoga is to purify the body and mind. The eight limbs included in this form of yoga are - 

    • Yama 
    • Niyama 
    • Asana 
    • Pranayama 
    • Pratyahara
    • Dharna 
    • Dhyana 
    • Samadhi 

    We hope this yoga asana guide helps you stay fit and glowing in the coming year. If you are new to the world of yoga, make sure you perform all the asanas under the supervision of a yoga expert to prevent any injuries. For more such fitness related stories, stay tuned! 


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