Everyone gets that mid day slump no matter what we do to keep ourselves awake, the drowsiness doesn’t go. Well, it is because this drowsiness during the middle of the day is a natural nervous response and thus it cannot be warded off, it is a routine of the body that it performs in order to keep all the functions running well. But something must definitely be done for that lethargy as it becomes difficult to carry on with our work when that pull of a mid-day nap is luring you constantly. 

Believe it or not, the entire process is a natural trigger that the body creates after we consume our food, and as it is a general perception that perhaps whenever we eat rice, we feel drowsy but that is not true. Busting this myth and telling us all about what goes behind that drowsiness, an expert nutritionist uploaded a video on her Instagram. Let us take a look at everything she described in it.

Breakdown Of The Video

avoid midday slump pooja makhija

Pooja Makhija posted a video on Instagram and captioned it as “Avoid the mid-day slump with these basic hacks. Understanding theory always helps in long term application of ‘lifestyle’ inducing habits thus my theory explanation video” 

She further talked about how all carbs, and not just rice are responsible for the lethargy during the day.  Here’s how the process works as explained by her.

How Carbs Cause Drowsiness

avoid midday slump pooja makhija

The cycle starts by converting carbs to glucose which further requires insulin. As the insulin surge in the body increases, it stimulates the brain to release the essential fatty acid tryptophan which further triggers the release of melatonin and serotonin that are the hormones that create a calming effect in the body as the process of digestion takes place.

It is a very natural process that comes as a nervous response from the body.  However, we cannot be lethargic during midday and thus below are a few hacks that will help you through the process. 

The Meal Should Be Very Large

avoid midday slump pooja makhija

You might have heard that lunchtime meals are supposed to be lighter than the ones we take in the morning. This is because the larger the quantity of food you intake the more energy you need to digest the food. And the more energy required makes you more fatigued which eventually makes you drowsy.

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Your Ideal Meal Should Contain

avoid midday slump pooja makhija

Next, you must also avoid drowsiness by consuming 50% vegetables in your meal, 25% protein along with 25% carbs. Because a high quantity of protein s may also lead to making you feel drowsy and sleepy. 

In addition to that, the vegetables contain multivitamins and nutrients a lot of which help in keeping the mind focussed and alert, keeping the effect of the carbs and protein to a minimal.

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