We keep ourselves hydrated and drink a lot of water and eat fruits and vegetables with high water content during the summer months. You may call it nature's blessing that with the advent of summer, the mother nature provides us with fruits like cucumber, watermelon, muskmelon and others that help keep our body cool. During summers, people mostly eat cucumber as you can easily have it in form of salad, mix it with curd, or even make cucumber sandwich. But one thing you must keep in mind when you eat cucumber. Avoid drinking water right after eating cucumber. If you have a habit of drinking water after eating this fruit then read this to know how having water immediately after eating cucumber can be harmful to you.

Side-effects Of Drinking Water Immediately After Eating Cucumber


Because of its high water content, cucumber is the most preferred fruit that one can have during summers. It contains essential nutrients that are beneficial for our body. It is also a storehouse of mineral, vitamin and electrolytes. Women who are working on weight reduction swear by this fruit as it helps is quick weight reduction. But according to experts, you must avoid drinking water immediately after eating cucumber because it affects your health. 

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Drinking water immediately after eating cucumber is not good for your body metabolism and for your stomach. It affects metabolic activities in your body and also you may face problems such as indigestion. To know how true is it, HerZindagi spoke to Simran Saini, dietician of Fortis Hospital in Shalimar.

Expert's Suggestion


Dietician Simran Saini said, "Cucumber helps you keep hydrated during summers as the fruit contains 95 per cent water. Apart from this, it contains vitamin C, potassium, copper, magnesium and silica. If you drink water immediately after eating cucumber then you are stopping yourself from getting the benefit of this magical fruit. Drinking water immediately after eating cucumber dilutes the natural nutrients present in the fruit and also it depletes its natural benefits for our body. 

She adds, "Usually cucumber takes plenty of time for digestion so its bad to have water immediately after it. It also causes a lot of gastric trouble. 

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Consumption of water immediately after having cucumber could lead to indigestion at times. Due to interaction between the fibre and water, the body retains excess water in the intestine which may cause gas and bloating like feeling." 

If you are also doing this mistake of drinking water immediately after eating cucumber then stop it right now.