You might have faced situations where you ate more than required and regretted it later. Well, overeating is a common problem we all face when it comes to our favorite food. But do you know that the color of your plate can influence your proportion size?  Known as a plate trick, this method will help you mindfully eat and will also keep your food proportion under check. This trick will involve cutlery, basically bowls, spoon, and plates.  

How does it work? 

Before getting to the trick, think about the shade red. What was the first thing that rings a bell in your mind? You must have thought of things like stop, red light, danger etc. It is natural for you to think of these things as red colour is often associated with ‘stop’. It fundamentally implies when you see red colour, your brain consequently flags yourself to 'stop'.  

Now what you need to do is replace your regular cutlery with red plates. You need not supplant all the plates in your kitchen. All you need to do is use that red plate whenever you eat junk food or something which might lead to overeating. Now when you eat from a red plate, you yourself would be mindful of what you eat as it would constantly send signals to your brain. This simple trick can help you avoid eating in access in an efficient manner.  

This trick was proven helpful by the journal “Appetite” which mentions how red coloured plates can be beneficial when it comes to eating less.  Some different stunts which will help abstain from gorging are water trick, hand trick, tight jeans trick, and veggie trick.  

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Some other tricks which can be given a try if you want to avoid overeating:  

Tight Lower Trick 

Your garments play a major role in deciding how much you eat. If you wear tight garments you will naturally eat less, while free/loose garments will make you eat more. 

Water Trick 

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Another tried and tested method of refraining yourself from eating in access is the water trick. All you need to do is drink a glass of water a few minutes before having your meal. The water will give you a feeling of being full and will automatically make you eat less.  

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Hand Trick 

An interesting and fun thing to do while measuring the quantity of the food to be eaten is the hand trick. For this, cup both your hand together and fit in the food you need to eat. For example: During breakfast, you can put in your bread, eggs, fruits etc. in your cupped hands and measure whether your proportion size is right or not. The right proportion size will fill your cupped hands and will help you watch what you eat.  

Veggie trick 


The healthiest trick of all times is the veggie trick. For this trick, you need to do nothing but replace your chapatis or rice with vegetables. Replacing your daily carbohydrates with vegetables will not only add more nutrients to your diet but will also be a healthier alternative. If you are trying to lose weight, then this easy method is here for your rescue.   

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Instead of eating less, eat right. Eat pulses, vegetables and salads in optimum quantities. You can drop out chapatis from your diet, for the time being, till your weight loss goal is achieved. Never starve yourself while aiming for weight loss. A right dose of food and exercise are the only two things that will help you lose weight in the healthiest way possible. 

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