For centuries, mulethi, also known as Liquorice has been used in India for several proposes. It can enhance your skin and can also assist in healing common diseases. Hence, it is popular for its many benefits. However, no matter how advantageous a herb is, it can become harmful if consumed in excessive quantity.

Such strong herbs should only be used in a very restricted amount, or after consulting an expert. If not, it can take a toll on your health in several ways. Here are a couple of things that can happen to a person, if he or she is adding way too much mulethi in the daily diet.



Headaches can keep you from doing your day-to-day chores or office work efficiently. It is a common problem which is simply hard to tolerate. Mulethi comes with a very strong flavour profile. If takes in the right quantity it can soothe your mind and soul. But if somehow it is not going well down with you, mulethi can give you a headache. Before starting to drink tea made up of mulethi roots, or adding its essence in your regular tea, consult your doctor for the best advice. 

May Disturb Menstrual Cycle

While multehi is known to keep your digestive tract healthy, its consumption can backfire if you don’t keep a check on the quantity you’re taking in. Overdose of mulethi can adversely disturb your menstrual cycle, by delaying your periods or making it come early. Both situations can lead to mood swings and other common issues related to periods. To avoid this, consult your gynaecologist and ask for the possible remedy.   

Fluid Retention

Fluid Retention

One of the main reasons behind fluid retention is when the kidney retain excessive salt and water. If taken way too much, this is what mulethi can do to your body, further leading to fluid retention. Not only your parts will swell up, but you may also experience fluctuation in the blood pressure. When experiencing any such issue, immediately contact your doctor, before trying any other home remedies all by yourself. 

Blurred Vision

Mulethi tea is a powerful beverage that can give refreshing vibes. But, if you keep having it throughout the day, you might feel dizzy (common health issue associated with fainting), and experience blurred vision. While the chances are very low for most people to have such after effects, you should keep a check on how much of this herb are ingesting in a day. To stay fit, a cup of mulethi tea a day is best.

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Feeling Tired

Feeling Tired

Strong herbs like mulethi are likely to make you feel fresh and energetic (morning habits for a super energetic day). But if you’re not feeling any better, instead you feel tired, take your doctor’s recommendation on the same. It can be other underlying cause that can get triggered due to high dosage of mulethi. 

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