When it comes to health, we do so much to keep ourselves fit. Working out hours in the gym, drinking a lot of water and what not. But it is important to understand that one needs to eat right to keep healthy and fit. Here, we talk about foods that you should be having early in the morning.

Not just you need to have the in the morning but you need to make sure that you soak these common kitchen ingredients in the night. These 5 things will help you deal with five major health issues including stomach problems, immunity, weight loss and arthritis. 


soaked fenugreek seeds health

Soak fenugreek in the water at night and eat in the morning. Drink up the water too. Doing this will help you get relief from joint pain which is a common problem among women these days. Fenugreek or methi dana is also beneficial for the stomach. It helps in getting relief from constipation. It cleans the intestines and improves digestion. Fenugreek is great for diabetics, it also helps in reducing menstrual pain. 


soaked raisins health INSIDE

Rich in iron and antioxidants, raisins are great for your health. When you soak raisins in the night and have it in the morning, it makes your skin healthy and glowing. A lot of women face iron deficiency and having raisins can help you fulfill it. 

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soaked flaxseeds

1 tsp of flaxseeds can improve your overall health. Soak these seeds in water at night and have them in the morning. These seeds are rich in fiber, iron, and protein that are great for weight loss. Having these seeds everyday helps you strengthen your immunity. These seeds also protect you from cancer and diabetes. 


soaked almonds health

Having soaked almonds everyday in the morning helps you improve your brain health. Almonds are packed with magnesium which is great for those dealing with blood pressure and cholesterol issue. Soaked almonds are also great for weight loss.

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Anjeer or fig is loaded with vitamins, manganese, potassium, fiber, and phosphorus. Figs also have antioxidants - flavonoids and polyphenols which prevent damage to the body from free radicals. Soak 1 fig in the water at night and eat in the morning.

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Make sure you eat these nuts and seeds in moderation, as excess of these could lead to acne and other health issues. They have a 'garam taseer' and must always be eaten in a limited quantity. 

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