Also known as Black Currant or Christ’s Thorn, Karonda is a traditional summer produce in India. It is mainly used in Indian households for the purpose of pickles, jams and preserves. It is of great use and at the same time it has amazing health benefits. 

It is extremely healthy as it has a high nutritional value. It is rich in vitamin C and B along with iron. Also, karonda has some other properties like it is a great antioxidant among others. If you are not aware about its various health benefits, then read ahead to know about it.

Relief From Abdominal Pain

Karonda is highly beneficial for treating abdominal problems as it is a great source of fibre. In order to get instant relief, you need to make powder of the dried fruit and consume it by mixing it in a glass of water. This eases the tissue, thus, aids in getting relief from indigestion, gas and bloating.

Improves Digestion

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This fruit is great for improving digestion and getting rid of any problems related to indigestion as it contains pectin. Digestive system starts to function properly due to the presence of soluble fibre in the fruit, hence, improving the appetite.

Treats Inflammation

Numerous scientific studies have found that karonda has anti – inflammatory properties, thus, it helps in treating and reducing inflammation as consuming this fruitcan help destroy the formation of toxic agents in the body.

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Strengthens Cardiac Muscles

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Karonda is great for cardiac health. In order to maintain your cardiac health, you need drink its juice. For best results, consume this juice two or three times a week. This will reduce the risk of any heart diseases such as cardiac arrest, hypertension. Along with this, karonda juice ensures regulates the blood circulation in the body.

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Helps In Reducing Fever

Karonda has been used to treat fever since a long time as it is a great source of vitamin C. The fruit fights the infection because of its antioxidant properties and the delicious taste is the cherry on the top as one tends to lose his/her taste buds during fever. For curing fever, you can either consume it in riped or in the dried form. 

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 Improves Mental Health

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It is said that regular consumption of this fruit can help in reducing stress and anxiety, thus, improving one’s mental health. This is because karonda contains magnesium along with tryptophan and vitamins that help in stimulating the production of neurotransmitter – serotonin that helps in maintaining the mental well – being of a person. 

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