We all love having our desserts or dishes that are loaded with sugar and most of us like to have something sweet after every meal. But there is a sad part to the story, sugar has been considered as one of the prime reasons behind various health issues such as weight gain, depression, and diabetes. It has been suggested by several health professionals to reduce the daily intake of sugar from your diet. However, it can be difficult and challenging for many of us to cut out on sugar completely. So we have come up with some effective tips that can help you with making some positive alterations to your diet.

Don’t Rush And Go Slow

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If you have a sweet tooth then it is not necessary to entirely bid adieu to your sugar cravings. Just making some changes here and there in your diet can do wonders, so instead of suddenly putting a halt on sugar, try and reduce it gradually. It will put less pressure on your brain and allow your body to adjust to the changes. Adding too much stress will only slow down your metabolism and will put your cravings on an overdrive mode. You need to initially have 5-10% of the calories in your diet through sugar, which is around 37grams daily.


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The Four-Week Formula

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It may sound intimidating but it’s not difficult at all, most of us give up on the sugar control when we enter the third or fourth week of the plan. The best way to maintain consistency is through getting a grip on the sugar intake till the fourth week and then reducing it further. According to the American Heart Association, the daily consumption of sugar can be up to six teaspoons (25 grams) a day.

Breakfast Is The Key

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Breakfast is the most important and the first meal of the day and hence, it necessary to keep an eye on what you are feeding to your body. It is popularly known that sugar can spike glucose levels that quickly absorb into our system and makes us feel hungry. Most breakfast foods like peanut butter, jams, or smoothies are laden with sugar and if you’ll have it the first things in the morning it will make you want to reach for more. Try to include foods like eggs, oats, and yogurt in your breakfast as they comparatively have low sugar levels.


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Include More Fruits

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Fruits consist of natural sugar which can be very beneficial in satisfying your sweet tooth or cravings. The sugar found in fruits is also accompanied by many important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and fibers that help with slowing down digestion and prevent spiking of blood sugar levels in your body. It is recommended that you only consume organic fruits and juices as most of the store-bought options are packed with a high level of sugar, preservatives, and added colors.

We hope these tips will help you out in reducing the consumption of sugar in your daily diet. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more such stories.