These days our lifestyle has become very disturbing and stress has become our best friend. This makes us eat all the wrong things. Drink whatever keeps us awake which is mostly unhealthy and zero movement thanks to working on a laptop or phone, is simply adding to it. So here is a list of some grave food blunders by Nutritionist Asma Alam, that you may have been making and it is time to rectify them.

Drinking Your Calories

cold pressed juices

Being prudent about your bites is something! But think about what you’re sipping on? Even beverages that seem healthy can be a source of unwanted calories. Cold press juices contain large amounts of sugar and grams of carbs per servings. Even a fun-size of cream and a sachet of sugar in your coffee adds up. Always go for water to stay hydrated. Nothing can do the job better!

Overcooking Vegetables

overcooked veges

Do not boil the life out of vegetables and set them on the table. This not just makes them soggy but flavourless too. Less cooked vegetables retain more nutrients. Also, avoid boiling vegetables unless you’re preparing a soup as essential nutrients leach into the water. Instead, try steaming or stir-frying.

Cutting Out Entire Food Groups

grains food blunders

A number of fad diets often require people to eliminate entire food groups from their diet, such as grains, meat or dairy. Eliminating major food groups can lead to nutrient deficiencies, such as not enough calcium, fiber, or protein. As long as you’re not allergic to certain foods, consume meal plans incorporating foods from all the important food groups. Furthermore, due to their restrictive nature, they often cause boredom, lead to unhealthy cravings and the individual might also lose motivation.

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Opting For Diet Foods 


Food labelled as sugar-free, fat free, or gluten-free are marketed as diet-friendly whereas they could actually be bad for the waistline. These foods contain additives and preservatives which are added during their processing and also contain debatable ingredients like aspartame, corn syrup, vegetable oils, etc. That being so, it is best to stick to natural and whole foods like whole grains, nuts and fruits, etc.

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Eating Oversized Portions

Even healthy, nutritious foods might derail your diet plans if you overeat them. It is important to be aware of portion sizes. For instance, housewives often tend to consume leftover food as a means to avoid wastage. Leftovers also can have harmful effects on your body. They often lead to problems like diarrhoea, acidity, digestive issues and even food poisoning in severe cases. Also, when dining in restaurants, try splitting the dish with your friends to avoid overeating.

Take care of your health and stay tuned to HerZindagi for more such tips on healthy eating.