The term high cholesterol is enough to leave you scared. High cholesterol directly indicates the risk of heart-related diseases. Though cholesterol is an essential part of our body, a rise in it can be dangerous and lead to a lot of heart problems like heart strokes and even heart attacks. It is important to keep the cholesterol levels balanced in the body and the level can be checked through a test. However, your body also gives you a lot of signs that are an evidence of the fact that you are suffering from high cholesterol. Here are some signs of high cholesterol:

Fatigue Or Heavy Breathing  

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If you face heavy breathing or fatigue even after indulging into minor physical activity, it may show that the cholesterol level of your body is high. You should immediately see a doctor. 

Too Much Sweating

Sweating is another indicator of high cholesterol which shouldn't be ignored. You must check with your doctor and get a cholesterol test done. 

Continuous Pain In Legs

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Pain in legs without a clear reason is also an evidence of high cholesterol. Instead of taking a painkiller for the same, you should get a cholesterol check done. 

Headache Without A Break 

You may be suffering headache every day because of loss of blood supply to your veins. This usually happens when the body's cholesterol level is high and the brain isn't getting enough blood supply. 

Increase In Weight 

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High cholesterol in your body can lead to a constant increase in your weight. This sign shouldn't be ignored at all and you should get a check-up immediately. 

Here are some more signs:

- High blood pressure can be a sign of high cholesterol. 

- It is time to get your cholesterol checked if you face continuous pain in the back and joints.

- Uneasiness in the body is also an indicator of high cholesterol.