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Don't Throw Away Those Jamun Seeds! They Are Good For Weight Loss & Boosting Immunity

Don't throw away those jamun seeds. Utilise them for weight loss and many other health benefits.
jamun seeds health benefits

Many of us love Jamun but throw away those seeds. But stop that right now! Keep them together in a bowl and here is what you have to do if you want them to help in losing weight, boosting immunity and it is said that they are amazing for a diabetic as well!

The tiny black seeds of Jamun that we tend to dispose off are best used in powder form. Let them dry naturally over a few days in the sun and then crush them in a grinder.


Excellent for diabetics, Jamuns can regulate blood sugar levels. The seeds have compounds called jamboline and jambosine which work on reducing the rate at which sugar is released in our bloodstreams. They also help in increasing the production of insulin.

Stomach Health

jamun stomach health

You can manage many stomach related problems with these seeds. The Jamun seeds are an amazing source of fibre content which is very effective in improving the functioning of our digestive system. They are also used in combating mouth sores, ulcers and inflammation in the intestines.

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seeds jamun

The antioxidants in Jamun seeds have flavonoids and phenolic compounds which have proven to be excellent in keeping harmful free radicals at bay. This helps in boosting immunity which is especially needed these days amid COVID-19.

Blood Pressure

All those suffering from hypertension can use the seed extract which has an antioxidant called ellagic acid. It is said to help in keeping a check on blood pressure fluctuations.

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Weight Loss

weight loss jamun

Extremely rich in fiber, Jamun is also good in keeping the tummy full which helps in the weight loss process. It makes you eat less and controls cravings. 

Besides the Jamun powder, you can make Jamun smoothies, or have it them with water or even include them in meal recipes.

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