We all know that whole wheat bread is better than white bread and brown rice are better than white rice. Therefore, you must be wondering if brown sugar is better than white sugar or not. There has been a lot of discussions on this topic and a lot of myths have been created. Hence, it is time that you should know the truth and set your preferences afterwards. 

Difference Between White Sugar And Brown Sugar

Brown sugar and white sugar are deemed to be a lot different than each other but they are really not that different. If you are choosing preferring one over the other just because of its different nutrients, then you need to think again. However, there are some differences that are worth knowing.

Nutritional Differences

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Both white and brown sugar are extracted from the same crop, either sugarcane or sugar beet plant. Therefore, there can’t be much difference in their nutritional values. You all must know that most of the times brown sugar is a mixture of white sugar and molasses. It is a type of sugar based syrup and the reason for brown sugar’s dark colour and increased nutritional value. 

Although, nutritional value is higher in brown sugar, but there is not must increase. It only has a slightly higher calcium, iron and potassium contents. Also, brown sugar has slightly fewer calories but there is still not much of a difference.

If you take one tsp of brown sugar, then your calorie intake would be 15 and if you take same amount of white sugar then your calorie intake would be 16.3. Therefore, we know that there is some difference but not much.


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Another difference is that white and brown sugar have different uses while cooking and baking. Using brown sugar in baked goods can retain moisture resulting in the item being softer yet denser. Therefore, white sugars used in food items that require adequate rising.

White sugar is mostly used for mousses, soufflés and other fluffy baked goods. Whereas, brown sugar is used for rich glazes and sauces like barbeque sauce.

Production Differences

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Sugar is extracted from sugarcane and sugar beet plants. The process is same for both the plants but it is not same for both kinds of sugar. 

Firstly, sugary juice is extracted from the crops, then it is purified and heated to form a syrup called molasses. Next, the sugar is crystallized to form sugar crystals. Then, white sugar is further processed to remove molasses.

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Refined brown is the one which has molasses added back to white sugar, whereas unrefined brown sugar is the one which was not processed after the process of crystallization. 

Taste And Colour

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The most prominent difference between the two is colour and taste. Baking with brown sugar will give the final product a caramel shade and baking with white sugar will give it a lighter shade. 

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Also, the two have different flavours. Brown sugar has a toffee – like or caramel flavor whereas sweeter. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the one according to your taste or according to what you are making as white sugar works best for fruit sponges and brown sugar works best for cookies or chocolate cake.

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Although, brown sugar has a slightly higher nutritional value but the difference is so minimal that it doesn’t matter. So, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Choose the type of sugar according to your personal preference and don’t get misguided by any myths. 

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