We know that winters are officially here since the mornings are making us crawl back in bed. We love winter chills and cold breeze, but let’s admit it, we also miss some of our favourite summer foods, especially ice creams. But what if we tell you winter is actually a great time to relish them for several reasons! 

Imagine enjoying your ice creams without them melting in your hand. Winters allow to savour every bit of ice cream in the best way possible. But we are not just talking about the fun part, but also some health benefits, such as: 

Soothes Sore Throat 

Soothes Sore Throat

One common problem that almost everyone faces during winter is the sore throat. The pain and the difficulty in talking, yes, we all have been there. While it is generally recommended to have as much as hot beverages as possible, many health reports suggested having ice cream to provide a soothing effect to your throat. However, we didn’t find any study backing this claim, therefore, we think it will be best to ask your doctor once before attempting to soothe your throat with ice cream in winters. 

Lowers Stress 

Stress is not seasonal; it is something that most adults have to deal with throughout the year due to several reasons. There are many comfort foods that can lower down your stress in the best way possible and one of them is also ice cream. In fact, a couple of health reports suggest having them in the morning, as it can turn out to be really good for the brain. We all know ice creams turn out to be our best pals whenever we have to deal with heartbreaks or any other problem for that matter. The good news is this winter, you won’t have to shift to any other options. 

Great Protein Source 

Great Protein Source

Protein is one of the most vital nutrients for our body to stay healthy for being able to function in the best way possible. If this winter you don’t feel like prepping your spinach and meat, don’t worry about consuming protein. Ice cream is made from elements that are rich in protein and can benefit every part of the body such as muscles, skin, bones, blood. Not only this, but having ice creams can also make the tissue and muscles strong. However, we recommend relying on homemade products mostly for health benefits. 

Boosts Immunity 

This year is not like any other one due to the pandemic of the novel coronavirus. Therefore, we need our immunity to stay strong to fight off any germs or bacteria attempting to enter our body. This is only possible by maintaining proper hygiene and consuming healthy foods. If a couple of health reports are to be believed, ice cream can boost immunity, especially during winters. It is possible due to the presence of various nutrients, such as Vitamin B-2, B-12, etc that also balances metabolism and assists in weight loss.

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Provides Energy 

Provides Energy

During winters we need to get great energy sources to be able to finish off our tasks throughout the day. But let’s admit it, completing any work becomes way difficult due to cold and laziness. Therefore, it is a must that we have food that can provide us with energy. Ice creams are known to give us instant energy, as it is food packed with sugar that instantly makes you feel pepped up and energised. So, if this winter, something seems to be holding you back, grab that scoop of ice-cream and enjoy it! 

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