Hva e you noticed how some people have food allergies and eating something, in particular, can lead to abnormal responses from the immune system and then people might suffer serious symptoms.  Although not everyone is allergic to things there are some food allergens that everyone must be careful of. 

You must have heard that some people are lactose intolerant, some can’t eat fish.  As per some studies based on allergies, the food allergies are rapidly increasing in humans. Some food allergies are there only for a period of 5-7 years and then you outgrow them but some allergies stay for a lifetime and hence all you can do is take precautions and not consume the foods containing those specific items.  Take a look at 9 common food allergens that you should avoid.

Tree Nuts

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Tree nuts including walnut, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans are some major allergens. Tree nut allergies are lifelong allergies and cause very severe reactions just like peanuts.


Soy allergies are usually not that severe and most people tend to outgrow them soon. Although with those the allergy remains, may have to lead a very challenging life as many foods contain soy.


Peanut allergies are the top three food allergens that affect children the most. Peanut allergies are common and can cause life-threatening anaphylaxis. In most cases, peanut allergies are for a lifetime and only 20% of children can outgrow them. 


Dairy products and most milk is another very common allergy that happens in children. Most of the time milk allergies appear in the initial 3 years of life and the child may outgrow them but in some cases, it even happens to teenagers. Milk allergies are basically related to triggers in the immune system that lead to abnormal reactions of the body.


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Eggs are also very common food allergens that you should avoid if you are allergic. This is also one of the three food allergies that develop in children. This allergy may be outgrown earlier or stay for a lifetime too. If you have an egg (benefits of boiled eggs)allergy you must read the labels of food items.  


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Wheat allergies are also common forms of allergies that may cause mild to severe reactions. Wheat (alternatives to wheat rotis) allergies also weaken the immune system gradually.

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Finned Fishes

Finned Fishes are also allergy-causing foods that you should avoid as they may lead to very serious consequences if the reaction triggers. Allergies from cod, salmon, tilapia, etc are very common. These allergies must not be confused with shellfish allergies. Even a touch or exposure to steam while cooking fish can trigger reactions in this condition.

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Shell Fish

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Shellfish allergies also tend to stay for a lifetime. These allergies are basically to crustaceans and mollusks. Reaction to tropomyosin protein is the cause of allergy and one must be very careful with them as they have serious health hazards.


The ninth food allergen is sesame and these allergies affect both adults and children. People who have some food allergy may easily develop this allergy which also tends to stay for a lifetime.

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