I have always opted for steel flasks over other regular water containers like bottles or sippers. After all, they are sustainable and environment friendly. I recently got this Duo Tup steel flask from Tupperware. I have been using it for a while now and here is my detailed review of the product.


tupperware duo flask tup bottle

  • Silicone gasket to make the flask liquid tight
  • Easily fits into most cup holders and backpacks
  • Easy pouring
  • Wide mouth for easy cleaning
  • Double-walled thermal flask


This steel flask came in a white and grey cardboard box packaging with the product details written at the back.


Rs. 2000 for 500 ml

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My Experience

Staying hydrated is so important and that's one lesson I learned during the lockdown period. One of the reasons why I ordered this steel flask during the winter season is that I wanted to drink lots of warm water through the day. Before starting my work, I always fill the flask with hot water and keep sipping it through the day. 

Now that summers are around the corner, I still wish to stick to warm water as it helps me stay fit so this flask is my bestie now! I always keep it handy. On days I am heading for a casual outing with friends, I keep it in my handbag. I love that it easily fits in there and is not very heavy too. Also, I don't have to worry about the water spilling in the bag as it comes with a silicon gasket which makes the bottle liquid tight.

bottle tup flask

On days I am out for a long drive with friends or family, I carry two to three cups of homemade tea in this flask as it remains hot for a long time (approximately 6 hours) and helps us all enjoy some refreshing tea just anytime, anywhere! 

For those who crave cold water during these hot summers, I think this flask can be a great pick. The bottle keeps the beverages cold for up to 12 hours. 

anti skid rim tupperware

Talking about the look of the bottle, it has a very trendy, shimmery design. The bottle has a wide mouth which makes it easier for me to pour anything. Also, did I tell you the bottle has a removable anti-skid rim at the bottom? That further makes the flask so easy to use! 

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Overall, I am loving this steel flask and I think it was a good decision to invest in this duo tup steel flask. It looks great, has a sleek and elegant design. I think it also makes a good gifting option as the product is highly useful. 


  • Lightweight bottle
  • Easy to carry
  • Easily fits two glasses of water/beverage
  • Ideal for both hot and cold drinks
  • Easy to wash/clean
  • Trendy design


None for me


tupperware tup flask verdict

The brand has been known for its kitchen products for a long time now and I blindly trust the quality. Yes, the price of the flask is quite high as compared to other brands but I can say, for this quality, it is all worth it!