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    Here Are Some Delicious Ways To Have Chaas This Summer

      Looking for some cool ways to have Chaas in summers? Try these recipes to add some taste to your regular healthy drink.
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    Updated at - 2021-04-13,11:24 IST
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    Summers are here and so is the heat and harsh sun rays to suck out all the water from our bodies. It is very crucial to stay hydrated every time but especially during summers when you are constantly out and drenched in sweat. Your body tends to lose fluids through sweat and it needs some drinks to rehydrate itself. There are various drinks to have in summers like coconut water, lemonade, juices but one thing that cannot be replaced with anything is Chaas or Buttermilk. So, we thought of bringing out some interesting ways to have your favorite drink this season.

    Mango Chaas

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    We love to have mango in summers and we can’t do without our chaas also, but what if we mix them both? Mango chaas is a delicious option that you need to try this summer it’s not just healthy but tastes heavenly too.


    • 1 cup Yogurt
    • 1 ripped mango
    • Sugar (according to taste)
    • 1 cup Chilled water

    How To Prepare?

    • Put all the ingredients in the blender jar and make a fine puree
    • Now pour it in a glass on some ice cubes
    • Add some chopped dry fruits and saffron to garnish

    Cucumber Mint Chaas

    mint chaas summers

    This is again a very refreshing concoction that you can try to prevent heat strokes and keep your body cool.


    • 1 cup yogurt
    • Half cucumber diced and 2-3 mint leaves
    • Half a cup chilled water
    • Rock salt according to taste, roasted cumin seeds (bhuna jeera)
    • 3-4 coriander leaves for garnishing

    How To Prepare?

    • Take a blender jar and put diced cucumber, mint leaves, yogurt, and chilled water
    • Blend it till you get fine watery consistency
    • Now pour it in a serving glass
    • Add the jeera, rock salt, and mix it well, then put the coriander leaves on it.
    • It's ready to serve


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     Chocolate Chaas

    chaas recipe ideas summer

    It is that one recipe which is perfect for people with a sweet tooth and for kids who don’t want to add buttermilk to their diet.


    • 1-2 cup yogurt
    • Chocolate syrup and sugar (according to your taste)
    • 3-4 Ice cubes
    • Oreo biscuits for garnishing

    How To Prepare?

    • Take a blender jar and put yogurt, sugar, and chocolate syrup in a jar
    • Add ice cubes to the jar
    • Blend it till fine consistency
    • Now pour it into the serving glass
    • Add 1-2 crushed oreo cookies for garnishing

    Rose Syrup Chaas

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    The only drink that we remember from our childhood is Rooh Afza or rose syrup that used to be served to the guests. There was a reason behind this, Rooh afza is one of the most refreshing drinks that can instantly make you feel energized. Now, try incorporating this syrup into your regular chaas and relish its taste.  


    • 1 cup yogurt
    • 3-4 tbsp rose syrup or rooh afza
    • 2-3 ice cubes
    • Sugar (according to taste)
    • Chopped Dry fruits for garnishing 

    How To Prepare?

    Let us know which one is your favorite chaas recipe out of these. Stay tuned to Herzindagi for more.

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