Growing your little garden at home complete with herbs and flowers and fruit-bearing pots has become a hobby especially ever since the lockdown began last year. Taking care of them and nurturing them has become an activity that keeps you happy, away from depression and plants become your kids in a way. However, there are some varieties that should not be grown at home as they are very unsafe for you, your children, and pets. Here are some of them which many tend to invest in but should not.

Areca Palms

The palms look great and give a happy vibe but did you know that they are home to spider mites? These plants are pricey and are pest magnets which slowly eat the leaves and are very difficult to get rid of. 



Bonsais look beautiful but they are carriers of many allergies as well. Also, if you are watering them but are not careful enough, their prick can give you rashes you wish you had not had. 

Ficus Tree


A very common indoor plant indeed, ficus if not cleaned often, collects a lot of dust as they are waxy. They need to be wiped every day!



These plants have become rather famous as they are low maintenance. However, they can prone to getting infected by mealybugs which are small insects that spread amongst other plants in no time and it is very hard to deal with them.

Elephant Ear

elephant ear

Before spending on Caladium—an "Elephant Ear", then you cannot have pets! They are very toxic to them as they can cause swelling, burn the tongue and mouth, and in case they are accidentally ingested, they make the animal vomit.

Dumb Cane

dumb cane

This unique plant must not be there in a home where there are pets. Why? It has calcium oxalate crystals which can lead to severe swelling to burning mouth and even death. 

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This beautiful plant is again lethal if ingested! It can cause depression and for physical health, it can cause gastric distress and heartbeat irregularities.


This plant is harmful to humans and pets. In humans, it can cause diarrhea, vomiting, irritation, and burning. In pets, it can choke them, cause swelling, and can also lead to death. 

Make sure you read up on the plants you plan on getting home as they all do not have a good biodata. 

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