India is a land of rich heritage culture, with some of the most noted health practices. Over the years, people from around the globe have started adopting more habits that are being followed in our county from time immemorial. However, due to western influence, we Indians have somehow adopted habits that have changed our lifestyles. This also includes sitting on a chair for each and every task we do throughout the day. If several health reports are to be believed, human bodies were not created to sit on chairs. But, we seem to be so much in love with sitting on furniture that we have forgotten how comforting and benefitting it is to sit on the floor. Let’s remind ourselves wholesome advantages of sitting on the floor, which we call the Indian way of sitting.  

Improves Food Digestion 

Even today there are many households, wherein they have their food not in front of televisions or on dining tables, but on floor. In fact, gurudwaras and various Hindu temples follow the same healthy rule, since it is believed to be a courteous and robust habit. When you sit on the floor, you keep your body in motion. So you bend forward to eat and go back to your natural position. This helps muscles of your digestive organs to secrete necessary juices, and therefore break down food properly and quickly.

Enhances Dull Body Posture 

Enhances Dull Body Posture

Back in times, there were not so many people complaining about back pain and issues related to the spinal cord. But, with time, we humans have put a lot of strain upon the fundamental structure of the body. Sitting on the floor with crossed legs help the body to straighten up automatically.  If you notice, in this position the back becomes aligned and the spine expands pushing our shoulders back. Sitting in this position can beat pain and aches that are caused due to bad posture. 

Boost Blood Circulation In The Body 

Proper blood flow is a must for our bodies to function properly. It’s the blood in our systems that carries oxygen and other consumed nutrients to all the organs. Anything that happens to interrupt the process can put your health in jeopardy. Sitting cross-legged boosts the blood flow in the body, as the function happens to relax the nerves. It also alleviates the pressure on it. Difficulty in blood circulation affects the heart’s health big time, as it is this organ that pumps the blood to the entire body. 

Calms The Nerves Down 

Calms The Nerves Down

There is a reason that the Indian way of sitting on the floor is followed highly by yogis around the globe as a yoga asana. It is called sukhasana and padmasana postures. As per health reports, the yoga asana allows the mind to relax and calm down. Anyone, who feels they are under a lot of pressure should start sitting on the floor with their legs crossed. The more effective thing to do is eating Ayurveda foods while sitting in this posture. 

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Keeps Knee & Hip Joint Flexible 

Not just the elder population, but even the younger generation are suffering from knee and hips pain. At the age when millennials are supposed to be fit and energetic, most of them are dealing with old-age health problems. It is better to teach kids the importance of adopting habits that were designed to support human bodies. Sitting on the floor helps keep joints supple, flexible and less prone to injuries. Diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis can also be controlled by sitting on the floor because bending the knees, ankles and hip allows them to be flexible and free of diseases. 

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