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Things Not To Avoid While In A Committed Relationship

Having some 'me' time is absolutely necessary even when you are in a committed relationship.
  • Kumari Rajnigandha
  • Editorial
Published -26 Apr 2022, 15:47 ISTUpdated -26 Apr 2022, 16:22 IST
things not to avoid when in a committed relationship

Relationships are difficult to maintain over time, but there are always some tricks that you must master in order to keep your connection intact and meaningful. Speaking of hacks, here are a few sets of pointers that highlight the facts that you should never ever avoid in order to make a connection work.

So, while you're in a relationship, make sure you never avoid...

Talking It Out

talking it out

Relationships are a blessing in disguise, and while you've always considered what to "do" in a relationship, have you ever considered what to "avoid" in a relationship? To begin with, the first guideline emphasises that you should never avoid discussing your concerns with your partner. Assume you and your spouse are coping with certain challenges, but not discussing them and avoiding confrontation may exacerbate the situation. So, you should not pass up an opportunity to discuss things with your better half because it will simply help you clear the air.

Taking A Chance

Isn't it true that everyone deserves a second chance? And, while we're on the subject of relationships, if you genuinely love that person and want them in your life, there's no harm in taking chances for them. This is followed by the third advice, which states that you should never avoid taking a risk. There are instances when people are unsure whether they should forgive their lover or simply give up and move on. We'd argue that if you're sceptical, it's a sign that you still have something inside of you. So, how about taking another chance and beginning over?

Me Time

me time

Consider the beginning of your relationship. Do you remember that? Chances are, your friends and experiences were among the elements that attracted your spouse in, at least a bit.

Individual experiences may be just as meaningful to a relationship as shared ones. Allowing yourself to go out and experience life without constantly having your spouse by your side gives you the chance to share your new experiences, ideas, and views with your relationship when you and your partner reengage.

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Spending Time With Friends

spending time with friends

It is important that we spend time with our girls. Life has its ups and downs, whether you like it or not. And it's at the "low" moments that you really need your girls. They are the ones who are on your side. They'll provide you a shoulder to cry on and maybe even some words of wisdom. After all, none of us are destined to go through life alone. We need our particular people to help us get through the difficult times, don't we? In fact, they can even help you out with your relationship problems.

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Appreciating Gestures

There comes a period in every couple's relationship when they begin to take their spouse for granted for always being there for them. This, in turn, leads to a lack of respect for your other half's efforts. Similarly, the third principle suggests that you should never avoid recognising your partner's gestures, no matter how small or large they are; simply enjoy and show your thanks.

We do a kind deed, and someone says "thank you," gives us a reassuring nod, or makes a polite gesture. Perhaps we share a poem, display an art creation, or repair a leaking faucet and get applauded and acknowledged for it. In that moment, someone notices and values us in the middle of our hectic lives. Something about being respected feels nice if we can just let it in.

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