Resin art is one of the most popularly growing artistic technique. It is basically a type of adhesive the become solid transparent after drying and thus giving an effect of glass. The art form particularly became popular on social media and then spread like wildfire across the world. The trend seemed to have captivated many art enthusiasts’ attention and that is why from workshops to online classes to video tutorials there’s a lot of media about resin art and how to actually do it. 

So, if you too are one of the people who want to understand and do resin art then here are some creative projects for you to take up and use resin glue/art to make them super impressive and catchy. 

So, take a look.

Items That You Need For The DIYs

  • Epoxy Resin
  • Resin Hardener
  • Some Dried Flowers
  • Resin Moulds Of Different Shapes
  • Chain And Pendant Hook
  • Earring Hooks
  • Tray Handles
  • You will also need some general items like newspapers and other general stationery material.

Resin Coasters

resin art

Resin coasters are one of the most beautiful coasters. They are so aesthetically appealing and very easy to make. Start by mixing some resin and hardener in a disposable glass and then take a circular small size resin mould. If you don’t have the mould you can use your makeshift moulds also. So, start by pouring the resin from the glass into the mould. Then stop halfway. Add a dried flower or anything that you like in the mould and then fill the entire mould up to the brim.  Let it dry for 24 hours and demould !

Flower Pendants

resin art

You might have seen and longed for resin pendants(how to make paper jewellery) online for sure. And today we will teach you how to make one. All you have to do is take a flower and flatten it by keeping it inside a book for some time. Then take the pendant hook and place it at the upper end of the flower. Mix the resin and the hardener and then gradually pour it over the flower, very slowly make sure the resin stays inside the bounds of the petals of the flower. Let this dry and then attach the chain to wear it.

Resin Earrings

resin art

Easy to make resin earrings are super fashionable too. All you have to do is pour the mixture of resin and hardener in a circular ring, place a little dried flower and then add some resin again.  Attach the earring hooks while it is still wet and then leave it to dry. Your beautiful DIY (How to revamp an old chair)earrings will be ready.

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Resin Tray 

resin art

One of the most appealing household items that you can make with resin is a resin art tray. A transparent tray with hints of colours arranged in exclusive and intricate patterns All you have to do is take a tray mould and add different coloured resin glue into its base. After that sets in, add the resin with the hardener and let it set in too. While the resin is still wet, attach the tray handles to the two sides of the tray and leave it for at least 24 hours to dry.  And you’re done!

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