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    Queen Of 'Cheap' Antics Or Just A Broken Woman? Rakhi Sawant's Stint On Bigg Boss Is Confusing

    Majority of Bigg Boss viewers feel that the queen of entertainment has crossed the line this time.
    Updated at - 2021-02-03,14:10 IST
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    She is called the Queen of Entertainment. For years, she has been entertaining us with her work, and this time we were in for a treat when we first got to know that she is going to be one of the challengers on Bigg Boss 14. 

    However, Rakhi Sawant is ending up being in news only for the wrong reasons this time but what went wrong? Well, if we talk about her journey on Bigg Boss 14, let's be honest, she hasn't been doing things the way we were expecting it to be. 

    Though initially, Rakhi Sawant kept us hooked with her entertainment, slowly, we saw it all fading and witnessing a very different side of the actress. 

    Last year, she broke the news of her secret marriage, sharing her cropped pictures from the wedding ceremony. However, about an year later, none of us has seen her husband Ritesh. After her entry to Bigg Boss, a lot of reports around him entering the Bigg Boss house started doing rounds. The show will see its grand finale in a few days and there is still no update if this news is true.

    Rakhi Sawant's Cheap Antics

    Initially, Rakhi Sawant's flirting with Abinav Shukla were quite entertaining. However, there have been times when Rakhi Sawant crossed the line. Remember how she wrote Abhinav Shukla's name all over her body? It left the entire Bigg Boss house disgusted. Rubina Dilaik even called it 'cheap entertainment'.


    It all reached another level when she pulled the drawstring of Abhinav Shukla's shorts. Rubina Dilaik instantly asked her to stay in her limits. Rakhi Sawant refused to understand and replied,  "Aapke husband aapke ghar pe honge, humare yaha to contestant hain." She further said, "Who are you to tell me my limits, you can not stop me baby. I am in love with Abhinav. Jisko jalna hai jale."


    Rubina Dilaik's younger sister, Jyotika Dilaik also slammed Rakhi Sawant for it. She said, "Rakhi Sawant thinks that it is very casual to pull at someone’s trousers and it is entertaining for her. But every person is different and what feels normal to one person, may not feel like that to someone else. Some people might think this is entertaining while some may feel the exact opposite. From the kind of background that we come from, it is a big deal to pull someone’s trouser or pant strings. It is someone’s personal space and one shouldn’t cross that line. According to me, Rakhi shouldn’t have pulled Abhinav jiju’s pant strings. That was not in good taste. Everyone has a different definition of entertainment, but this doesn’t look good and I’m sure the audience feels the same." 

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    Celebrities Slam Rakhi Sawant's Behaviour

    Ex-Bigg Boss contestant, Rahul Mahajan also took to his Instagram handle and posted a picture of himself with the caption, "I am watching you #rakhisawant 👿👿👿What you are trying to do with my bro #abhinavshukla #biggboss14 #bb14 @vootselect @colorstv @ashukla09 @rakhisawant2511."


    While he was inside the Bigg Boss house, he called Rakhi Sawant a cheap celebrity and when later asked about the same in an interview, he said, "I still stick to my words. During my fight with Rakhi where I called her a cheap celebrity, all I was asking her was to hear my side, but she refused to. Instead, she started showing me her a**. She was thinking that when she will do such things, the audience will get happy and there are people who like such behaviour. I would like to tell people, if you watch such acts for 10 minutes you might enjoy it but just try to live with Rakhi for 10 days, you won't be able to tolerate her. The audience might enjoy seeing it on camera but we were staying with her under one roof daily and we were not enjoying it. I don't think even the production people, or camera guys of Bigg Boss would be enjoying it. There have been so many fake babas in our country who have been culprits. I feel if they were culprits their followers were culprits to another level. Similarly, if followers don't support a cheap level, celebrities would not be able to do cheap acts. I know I got a lot of hate on social media for this. But I feel ye desh ka durbhagya hai... This shows we are desperate for cheap comedy acts. If we have to sit and analyse what we want."


    Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah actress Munmun Dutta also slammed Rakhi Sawant's behaviour towards Abhinav Shukla. She tweeted, "So irritating to see Vikas Gupta and Rahul defending Rakhi’s behaviour. The verbal diarrhoea of Rakhi to Abhinav shown in the episodes is nothing short of harassment. My respect to #RubiNav for keeping their cool. The guy is clearly uncomfortable and traumatised #BigBoss14."

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    A post shared by Gautam Hegde (@hegdeg)


    Writer Gautam Hegde slammed host Salman Khan for being biased during the last Weekend Ka Vaar episode. In his long post on Instagram, he wrote that Salman Khan was unfairly lenient towards Rakhi Sawant. 

    Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Jariwala during an interview shared that she is disgusted by her behaviour. She said,  "This week thumbs down to Rakhi Sawant and the makers of Bigg Boss 14 for encouraging her. I expected that Rakhi would be bashed during the Weekend Ka Vaar, for the way she has behaved this week. Initially, she entertained with her love story but suddenly her love has gone to an obsession level and I am not enjoying it."

    She added, "Rakhi Sawant was entertaining for two weeks, but when she passed nasty comments, pulled the strings of Abhinav's shorts, she became irritating for me. People might find her entertaining but for me she has crossed her limits. I don't know why she is not being given the reality check. Is this for TRP? I think Rakhi had the box full of antics and they have got over so now she will continue to irritate the housemates. Her antics have become obnoxious and it is no more entertaining. She turned torture from entertaining."

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    Rakhi Sawant's Broken Side

    Ever since she made it to the Bigg Boss house, we have seen her craving for love and attention. On occasions, she has broken down into tears for trivial matters but honestly, it is a little difficult to understand her personality. In a recent promo, she was seen breaking down into tears while sharing her story with Rahul Vaidya. She can be seen telling him that her husband is married with a child and she got to know about it after marriage. 
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    Rakhi Sawant was also seen having a heart to heart conversation with Devoleena Bhattacharjee. She shared that hasn't lived with her husband Ritesh after marriage and craves for companionship. When Devoleena asked her to move ahead in life and end the relationship, she said, "I can't. One life, one marriage for a lifetime." She further shared that she needs a father's name for her babies. Rakhi Sawant said that she has frozen her eggs and will request Ritesh if he is willing to give her sp**ms because her babies' need a father's name.
    rakhi sawant marriage ritesh
    Amidst the entire story of her marriage with UK based Ritesh, viewers have also been slamming her for lying about her wedding. A lot of Bigg Boss contestants too called her marriage fake and she broke into bits talking about the same on different occasions inside the house. Recently, her brother Rakesh Sawant said confirmed that she is married and Ritesh is not a fictional character. He shared that he is in Poland and their marriage happened with both the families in attendance.  Her brother further shared that she didn't pose to be married when she was not and now that she is married, she has announced it to the world. 
    When asked why has Rakhi Sawant's husband not appeared in public, he said, "Well, that is Ritesh jiju's personal choice. All this while he only wanted one thing that his identity should not be disclosed as he is a very private person. Ritesh has also been approached by Bigg Boss makers and he is really trying hard to come to India. His mother is not well too and there is also a serious lockdown in Poland because of Coronavirus. But I am still hopeful that Ritesh jiju might make it to Bigg Boss 14."
    Well, none of us are quite impressed with Rakhi Sawant's antics on the show this season but seeing her broken to bits isn't something we are liking either. What are your thoughts? Share with us! For more stories on Bigg Boss 14, stay tuned! 

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