Young girls turned into officials for one day on Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh recently. Just for one day? How? Well, these girls were given this chance under the state government's initiave, Mission Nari Shakti. Read on to know more about it. 

What Is Mission Nari Shakti?

Mission Nari Shakti of the state government is an initiative to empower women, instil confidence in them, give them a sense of security and ignite a desire in them to do something for the soceity.

mission nari shakti girls officals moradabad

Under Mission Nari Shakti, these young girls were given a chance to be District Magistrate, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP), Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) and Chief Development Officer (CDO) for a day.

Why Mission Nari Shakti Is Important? 

mission nari shakti importance

Shalendra Singh, the District Magistrate of Moradabad, said, "The state government is running Mission Nari Shakti with an aim to make women self-reliant, secure and financially empowered."

"Under this mission, talented girls have been given a chance to occupy major positions in the district for a day. This will instil confidence in them, ignite a desire in them to do something for the society and help them connect with the mainstream of society," he added. 

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Students Who Got The Opportunity Under Mission Nari Shakti

Some of the students who got an opportunity to become officials under Mission Nari Shakti were - 

Sandhya of Akanksha Vidyapeeth Inter College - District Magistrate 

Aiman of Prabhadevi Adarsh Kanya Inter College - Chief Development Officer

Drishti Pal of Swaroopdevi Memorial Inter College - Superintendent of Police, City

Anshu Rana of Ramchandra Sharma Kanya Inter College - Superintendent of Police, Traffic

Anamta - District Minority Welfare Officer

Sanjana Saini - District Social Welfare Officer

Sonia Chaudhary - District Agriculture Officer

Komal - District Probation Officer 

Khushi Trehan - CO Civil Lines

Twinkle Singh - SO Women's Police Station

Tamanna Dubey - Chief Medical Officer

Sneha Bharti - District Police Officer 

Iqra of Moradabad Government College - Moradabad Superintendent of Police

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Girls Share Experience Of Turning Into Officials For One Day

government officials nari shakti

Girls from the district who became DM, SSP, DSP and CDO under this mission for a day were extremely happy getting into the shoes of government officials. They said the initiave will benefit them in future in their careers. 

Sandhya Bhati, a student from the Akansha Vidyapeeth was the  District Magistrate for a few hours. Talking about her experience as per a report by edexlive, she said,  "I was the DM for two hours and I got to listen to the problems of the people and find solutions for them. I felt really proud today. I am extremely thankful to the principal and the DM for this opportunity."

She added, "I want to join the armed forces in future. Women get to learn a lot through these initiatives. They realise that people stand by their side. Such programmes increase one's motivation and ignite a desire to do something."

Uttar Pradesh' Mission Nari Shakti is the need of the hour. We are sure that the initiative with inspire many more young minds, make them secure, self-reliant and financially independent. 

Though we still have a long way to go when it comes to women empowerment, we are sure such initiaves will support them and help them grow stronger. 

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