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    With These 5 Ways You Can Take Sustainable Route Everyday

    Go responsible with these sustainable way of living while going out.
    Updated at - 2021-12-13,14:40 IST
    sustainable ways

    People are becoming more responsible, and being environmentally conscious is becoming increasingly fashionable. For many people, it is increasingly becoming the standard of existence. Given the growing number of human activities having adverse impacts on the environment, it is becoming increasingly necessary for more individuals to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. It's necessary that we prioritise sustainability in our practices and activities, and if we can do so by implementing simple, convenient methods, then why not? Here are 5 outdoor adaptations you can take for a more sustainable way of life, outdoor edition.

    1. Carry A Litter Bag

    When you go out, keep a tiny cloth bag or pouch with you. If you don't have access to a dustbin, you can throw all of your small-to-medium dry garbage in it. The garbage can then be thrown into a dustbin as a whole. It can also be kept in your vehicle. This way, your dry waste won't end up all over the place, and you'll be able to keep your city litter-free. Another significant benefit is that you will be able to keep track of all the sweets and toffees you've had by counting the wrappers. :p

    2. Carry Your Own Cloth Bag While Grocery Shopping

    tote bag

    In a week, we go grocery shopping at least twice or thrice and every time we go there, we buy a new cloth bag, which costs around Rs. 10. However, if we carry our own bag every time we go shopping, it will save a lot, approx Rs. 100 a month. Meaning this way, you are not only going sustainable but also save a lot, which is really great.

    3. Walk As Much As You Can Or Use Public Transport

    sustainable travel

    Walking around the city is a fun way to see the sights and take in the scenery. This way, you can explore new paths, do street shopping or hop at food joints as soon as you see them.  The other benefits of this is you will save a lot and get your fitness on track. Walking if you don't have to cover much distance is the best option, but if you have to go far, you can opt for public transport. 

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    4. Carry Your Own Bottle Instead Of Buying One-Time Use Plastic Bottle

    Staying hydrated is essential, so bring plenty of water with you on your outing. However, this does not necessitate purchasing a new bottle each time. These one-time-use plastic bottles sold at markets are extremely harmful to the environment. You can take your own water bottle, filled from home wherever you go instead of buying them. If it runs out, you can get it refilled from any water filter. You can bring more water bottles with you if you're going out for a longer period of time and don't think you'll be able to locate places to refill your bottles.

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    5. Make Use Of Steel Straws Instead Of Plastic Straws

    steel straw

    You can use your own steel straws instead of the plastic straws provided at restaurants and juice bars. They won't take up much room in your backpack but will make a big difference. They are safer and more robust, easier to clean, more easily transported, and, best of all, reusable and environmentally friendly.

    These convenient tips will make you all responsible and sustainable. Let's make our country greener together!

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