Seeing a bat in the house is not a new thing. However, you will have less bats during the day but their number increases during the night. In many places, it's actually considered good to have bats while it's considered inauspicious in many other places. It is also believed that having bats in the home can lead to accidents.

In such a situation, if bats are repeatedly found in your home, then there is a need to get rid of them immediately. If you don’t know how, then we are here with some tips to drive them away.

Naphthalene Balls

naphthalene balls bats home

 One of the best home remedies to get rid of bats from any part of the house is to use naphthalene balls or naphthalene spray. It can come to great use due to the strong smell which keeps the bats at bay. You just need to crush them and put them in water. Mix it well to prepare a solution. Now, just spray the solution in your home where the most bats sit. After this, the bats will never wander around the house.

Aerosol Spray

With the help of aerosol spray, you can easily drive away the bats. The bats don’t enter inside your house due to the strong smell of this spray.  Just spray in those places where most bats are visible. If you can’t find aerosol spray, then you can also use neem spray or mint spray. Spraying this in your home from time to time will make the bats run away immediately.

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cinnamon bats home

Yes, you read that right. Cinnamon powder is a great home remedy to keep the bats away from your house. This will drive away the bats from your house in just a few minutes. For this, first prepare a solution by adding one to two teaspoons of cinnamon powder in about four or five cups of water.

After this, filter the solution and fill it in a spray bottle. Now, spray it in each and every corner of the house, especially where there are more bats. After this, the bats will never come inside the house.


You can easily drive away bats with the help of a mirror (using a mirror for decoration). Bats are actually scared of seeing their own reflection or shadow. If they do see their shadow, then they will never sit in that place again. Therefore, you can put small mirrors in those places where most bats sit or are visible.

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Aluminum Foil

You can also use aluminum foils in these places to make the bats run away and never come back. This will work wonders because bats are night creatures who love the dark. However, aluminum foil reflects light, thus, irritating the bats.

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