We all want our living space to look spick and span but often forget to pay attention to the windows. Our windows open us to the outside world, the lush greens, the shining sun. However, not cleaning them from time to time can ruin our experience completely. 

With time, dust and dirt start to accumulate on the surface of our windows and it all blocks the view we enjoy everyday.

It might sound very easy to clean glass windows but it actually isn't, especially if you have glass windows. If not done correctly, you can end up putting scratches and streaks on it. So, here we thought of sharing some quick tips that will help you make your windows super clean. 

Step 1: Sweep The Dust 

sweep dust glass window cleaning

Begin with brushing off any dust or dirt accumulated on the windows. Special brushes to clean windows are easily available in the market but if you don't have one, just use any regular soft brush and gently scrub the window. You can also use a clean microfiber cloth to dust the windows. Microfiber cloths are super soft, absorbent, and easily washable. The best part is that they don't leave any streaks on your glass window. Follow with a damp clean cloth. If you use a cleaning solution directly, you can create a mess.

Step 2: Use A Window Cleaner

Just clearing the dust off will not help. You should use a cleaning solution to give back that shine to your glass windows. If you don't have a readymade glass cleaner at your home, you can make one using a few ingredients. 

You can either make a cleaning solution by mixing some water and dishwashing liquid or prepare a cleansing mix using 1 part of vinegar in 10 parts of water. 

window cleaner

Homemade glass cleaner can also be prepared using rubbing alcohol if you have it at home. In a bottle, add 2 cups of water, 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 1/4 cup of rubbing alcohol. Transfer the solution to a spray bottle and start to spritz it all over the window. 

You can also use a clean sponge, dip it in the mixture and rub the glass window with it. 

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Step 3: Clean With A Towel

After cleaning the windows thoroughly with the cleaning solution, time to wipe it all off. Here, you have to be a little careful because you don't want those streaks on your windows. Using a microfiber towel, clean the window. You can also use a newspaper.

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Quick Tips

tips to clean windows

  • If you see streaks on the glass window after cleaning it, spritz some cleansing solution again and dry. 
  • It is a good idea to clean your glass windows on a cool day so that the soapy water doesn't dry out the windows and leaves marks. 
  • Don't forget to clean the base and handles of the window. Over time, a lot of dust gets accumulated in these areas and they need a good cleansing. 
  • Try wearing a pair of gloves while washing the windows. This will prevent fingerprints on the glass surface. 

Clean, dirt-free glass windows will instantly lift up your living space. We hope these tips help you clean your windows properly. For more such quick tips, stay tuned! 

Image Courtesy: Freepik