We have to give beauty advertisements due credit for building unrealistic beauty standards. Making promises to give you fair, glowing, whiter, lighter-toned skin is not just their way to market their products but also to set stereotypes for Indian skin tones. 

These stereotypes are so deep-rooted that there comes a time that you may feel like just another shade on the card they are trying to sell. 

Few months back, the Black Lives Matter movement changed things for real. It was more like a wake-up call for many of us who didn't realise that the idea of fair skin had been hammered into our minds. What was next? Many there were many protests against racial discrimination all over the world and they soon reached these 'fairness' selling brands too. 

HUL faced a lot of backlash on social media during the protests against racial discrimination a few months back. The brand decided to make a move by changing their name. So, the brand dropped the word 'fair' from its product 'Fair And Lovely' and renamed it as 'Glow And Lovely'. 


While a lot of people came out in support of the brand for making such a move after decades of selling the product, many others felt that the rebranding made no difference to the product. 

The brand was quick to release a new TVC by changing the name on the bottle. Now the brand has shared its first campaign as 'Glow and Lovely'. Have a look here:

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'Glow And Lovely' New Lyrics 

Here are the campaign's new lyrics:


Rok ke dikha

Yeah! Cmon!


Naya daur, Nayi pehchaan

Bane kaam se mera naam. Dee MC.


Namumkin me naam

Bane kaam se pehchaan


Yaha ziddi hai josh

Chaahe saamne toofaan


Kahani meri bohot khaas

Manzil jo dur lage bohot paas


Mera glow


Mera glow meri pehchaan

Mere rang ka na socho


Pure ho iraade khudse yeh vaadaa,

Mere saath me aap ho toh


Saara desh

Bolega meri bhaasha, mere

Glow ko na roko


Himmat se ladu main

Lage faasla yeh asaan


Mere glow ko na roko

Chehre, ke piche chupa kya hai raaz


Aakhir main, toh hu main, sirf ek insaan

Syaahi, ruke na, tode har lagaam


Khule pankh, udne ko, upar asmaan

Naqab dhake par chale yeh zubaan


Log jo toke toh khudko sambhaal

Rang anarth iss baat ko to dekh


Har rag me daude jo uska rang toh ek

Mera glow


Mera glow meri pehchaan

Mere rang ka na socho


Pure ho iraade khudse yeh vaada

Mere saath main aap ho toh


Saara desh

Bolega meri bhaasha

Mere glow ko na roko


Himmat se ladu me lage faasla yeh asaan

Mere glow ko na roko


Yeah…na roko.

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Why No Dark Skinned Girls?

fair lovely new bottle

The whole idea behind the brand receiving the backlash earlier was that it focused on making dark-skinned women fairer. The brand never said that a dark skinned girl can look beautiful or natural glow. Basically, it celebrated beauty but only of those with fair skin. With this new campaign, many were expecting to be more inclusive. 

In the new AD, we can see dusky girls but netizens are curious to know did the brand not take dark skinned girls for it. A user wrote, "So now it's fair girls and "dusky" (Light brown) girls being represented. I still don't see dark girls here? Reminder: India has a lot of them and they're just as beautiful and capable."

Many Calling It Better Than The Last AD

Many social media users are liking the new track and enjoying it. One user wrote, "I'm soooo loving this add.... 10000 times better now❤️."

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Another one wrote, "AMAZING 👏🏽 Thank you bringing in more inclusivity in your brand, the right step towards making up the damage tht had been done!."

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Is The New AD Making Any Difference?

fair and lovely glow and lovely new name

Well, if you read the new bottle it says, 'Fair And Lovely is now Glow And Lovely'. We wonder why the brand didn't drop the former name completely and made it a part of the new packaging and that's what everyone on social media is eager to know. 

Do you think this new campaign will change the way people have been looking at the product for so many decades now? Share your thoughts with us. For more such stories, stay tuned.