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    Expert Explains The Top Modern Hardships that Exist in Every Marriage

    Here are a few road bumps in the roller coaster ride of marriage along with some tips that would help you sail through the troublesome times.
    Updated at - 2021-10-01,08:00 IST
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    Marriage is a beautiful unison of two souls. However, just like any another relationship, various hardships arise in modern-age married couples as well and the bond eventually turns sour. In the digital-driven world, the problems amplify all the more as we are just hooked onto the screens rather than communicating or spending intimate moments with our partners. Consequently, the cracks deepen and marriages stand on the verge of ending despite couples being concerned and putting in efforts! Unfortunately, the issues are enormous and damage the bond from the very core.  

    However, it also becomes critical to resolving the challenges considering the couple is tied in a sacred bond of love and companionship for a lifetime. Have a glimpse at a few road bumps in this roller coaster ride of marriage along with some tips by Ms. Sybil Shiddell, Relationship expert and Marketing Manager, Black Divine that would help you sail through the troublesome times-

    Financial Crunch

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    The issue associated with finances can be stressful and overwhelming. The total amount of income versus the expenditure, the savings, the insecure future, everything matters. But the ‘Who earns more than whom’ point should never come in between the bond. Money should never overpower your commitment. 


    Ms. Sybil Shiddell says, “Devise a financial strategy together by making note of the total income generated. Allocate considerably for essentials and leisure and save some for the future! Adding to it, avoid taking any loans or keeping financial loss secrets from your partner! But always stick to the financial plan to avoid any conflicts.

    The Challenging Journey Of Parenthood 

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    As much we love our kids and we love parenthood (single parenthood), it can indeed be a major hurdle. With having kids around, the spark and passion in the marriage usually die off as our children end up becoming our world. This leads to marriage being a responsibility bounded by duties that are to be fulfilled without love and intimacy. Your relationship as a couple eventually withers away and what is left is just an individualistic mom and dad role!


    Indeed, kids and family are important. They do require constant attention but always remember to prioritize your relationship with your partner. Ms. Sybil Shiddell suggests, “Nurture your bond with your ‘better half’ and you will be able to witness the magic of this teamwork working on your parenting as well!”

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    The Age-Old Issue Of Ambition And Career

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    Being ambitious isn’t wrong. Neither is giving priority to your career. But there can be issues and even arguments when you would take certain professional decisions that could significantly impact your partner or your family.


    Ms. Sybil Shiddell says “Communicate with your better half. Explain to them the entire scenario without any filters and seek their opinions as well.” This way you would be able to mutually come up with a solution where neither your career nor your family would have to suffer.    

    Summing Up!

    The new-age married couples also experience diverse issues ranging from those of loyalty, trust, poor communication, sexual differences, varied beliefs and opinions, health to even boredom, jealousy, and lack of attention. What needs to be accepted is that challenges come as a pre-requisite with every relationship as no bond is perfect. This happens especially in marriage because there is a commitment to spend the rest of our lives together. The key however is to work as a ‘team’.
    You don’t have to change each other but have to face all odds together! Along with it, the desire to making things work and not giving up is what will help you effectively sail through the marital turbulences. All you need to do is place your marriage at the top of the list and will you see all the roadblocks and hurdles eventually fading away!
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