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Sexist Situations Every Woman Comes Across Every Now And Then

There's still a lot to be done in the struggle for gender equality, and it's not just sending girls to school or narrowing the gender wage gap.
Published -05 Mar 2022, 11:00 ISTUpdated -07 Mar 2022, 08:30 IST
casual sexism situations

Most women everywhere live a stressful life for the same reason, her gender.  It begins the day they are born and continues indefinitely. However, it's interesting to note that everyday sexism has become so commonplace that most people are unaware of it, but it irritates every woman. From making sexist jokes to making fun of female drivers, here is how sexism has been normalised in our society which women have to deal with every now and then.

1. Do You Even Know How To Drive?

women drivers

It's bizarre to think that in 2022, the world still believes that women are incapable of driving. Well guess what ? Yes, women can drive extremely well if they are properly trained, just as men are.

Driving is a skill that is learnt, not something that people are born with. It's a skill women and men can learn just as easily as each other. 

A driver isn't bad just because she's a woman, just like a driver is not good simply because he is a man.

I know a lot of women who can drive well, but I also know a lot of men who can't drive and don't want to. I also know female pilots that are flying high in the sky all over the world. So, how much longer do women still have to listen to this stereotype and be mocked?

2. You Are Not My Daughter, You're My Son

she is my son

Listening to "You are Not My Daughter, You're My Son", or "Tu meri beti nahi, beta hae" is just as problematic as any other type of sexism

When parents say things like these, they often don't realise the consequences. Sentences like these are usually used when their daughters are raised to be strong and independent. However, when daughters are raised like their male counterparts, you are indirectly telling them that they will only be recognised if they give up their "womanhood." Or "they are not good enough in their original way: daughter." 

All I am saying is a woman can be a strong woman, she doesn't need to be compared with men for that.

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3. You Are Beautiful, Anyone Would Marry You

women accompolishments

Women want to be recognized by her work and not just her appearance. However, in our society, all of a woman's accomplishments and other characteristics are reduced to nothing, and all a woman needs to be married is her physical beauty.

And what makes the world believe that every woman's ultimate goal  is to get married? Once a woman enters twenties, they are constantly being asked about their wedding plans. As if a woman's worth is solely determined by her marital status and ability to bear children.

It would be better if we ask our women what their career goals are, ask about her accomplishments, etc.

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4. Colleagues Assuming Man Knows Better

Women in the workplace have long been noticing this: colleagues reaching out to male colleagues believing that they must know better. Nothing is more annoying than a coworker seeking advice from a male colleague when you are just as qualified, if not more, to provide it. It started long ago and is still an ongoing concern happening everywhere around. 

These are openly displayed behaviours, comments, and manners we are facing everyday. We've been so accustomed to dealing with them on a regular basis that many have almost stopped considering it a problem anymore.  However, no woman can look away from this for long.

Addition to combating issues like wage difference between men and women, and fighting for their safety, women are also dealing with these situations. But the way many of the women are fighting for these things and not giving up is fascinating and makes them nothing less than superwomen. We wish to honour these remarkable ladies and remind them that it is difficult and can get frustrating, but that one day, hopefully soon, we will see a better world for women. So, until then, hold your head high and never let sexist remarks or situations make you feel less than that queen.

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