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    How To Buy A Ripe Papaya, Tips To Store And More

    It is quite tricky to buy a good, ripe papaya but here are some quick tips that will help you get one.
    Updated at - 2021-07-18,15:00 IST
    quick tips to buy a papaya

    Papaya is one fruit that I have started to consume a lot more lately. That's because with time I have realised the goodness of this tasty fruit. 

    Papayas are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamins that can benefit our health in many ways. From helping prevent digestion issues to keeping our heart healthy, this fruit can really transform our health. 

    No matter how much I love having papaya, I am scared to buy one. Why? It isn't easy to pick a sweet and ripe papaya. It is quite tricky. So, here, I thought of sharing some tips with you that will help you choose a sweet and right papaya. 

    Buying A Sweet And Ripe Papaya

    None of us wants to end up bringing home unripe papaya. So, the easiest trick to buy a sweet and ripe one is checking for the colour. This one is a tried and tested trick. 

    how to buy sweet papaya

    Never pick a green papaya. Always go for orange-yellow papaya. Some of them have green spots over them but that's fine. You should be able to press your thumb gently into the flesh. That means the papaya is ripe and ready to eat!

    Always avoid buying papayas that have marks, cuts, or are extremely soft. 

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    Getting Home An Unripe Papaya

    unripe papaya

    If you get home unripe papaya, put it in a paper bag. This will help you ripen the fruit more quickly. Even if you have cut the fruit, you can roll it in a paper bag and it will ripen in 3-4 days or more if it is more green and unripe. Make sure that you always keep the papaya at room temperature. 

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    Opening And Eating A Papaya

    The easiest way to open a papaya is by placing it on a cutting board and using a sharp knife to cut it into half from the center. Separate into two sections and scrape out the seeds using a spoon. A lot of people eat these seeds, while others simply throw them away. If you eat them, keep them in water for some time, rinse and then store for consumption.

    Now start to cut the fruit vertically into slices. Use a fruit peeler or regular knife to remove the skin of the fruit. Start to cut into small pieces, cubes. (easy papaya recipes)

    Storing Papayas

    storing papayas

    Keep the ripe papaya in the fridge. They can last for up to a week. After cutting the papaya, make sure you always refrigerate it. Make sure you consume it in 2-3 days. If you want to extend its shelf life, you should always store it in an airtight container. Remember that even if it is edible after days, it will lose its original texture with time, it can get a lot mushy which you might not like.

    If you wish to keep papaya for longer use then you can cut it into pieces and pack in plastic freezer bags. You can freeze papayas for about 10 months. When needed to use, the fruit can be partially thawed. An easy way to thaw a frozen papaya is defrosting the refrigerator for about 24 hours or another way is leaving the frozen fruit outside for a couple of hours till it comes to its natural state which should be a little soft. 


    We hope this guide helps you choose sweet and ripe papayas. Also, helps you store papaya the right way. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned! 


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