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    Yes, You May Prepone Or Postpone Your Menstrual Cycle: Expert Opinion

    There are several ways to prepone or postpone your periods.  
    Updated at - 2022-11-26,17:01 IST
    can you delay periods

    Have you ever planned an important event but got scared that it will be ruined because your periods might show up out of the blue? Almost all menstruators have faced this situation at some time or the other. The good news is that you can actually prepone or delay your periods safely.

    There are both medicinal and home remedies which may speed up or slow down your menstrual cycle by a few days, says Dr. Jagriti Varshney, an obstetrician and gynaecologist.

    Home Remedies

    period delay home remedies

    There are a lot of claims on the internet, and many people think that choosing a natural approach, such as consuming particular fruits or apple cider vinegar, might enable someone to shift the usual start date of their menstrual cycle.

    It is often suggested that if you have fruits like papaya, pomegranate juice, or sesame seeds, your periods can be preponed from the regular date. 

    It is also believed that, if you want to delay your menstrual cycle, you can have spicy food, apple cider vinegar, etc.

    However, there is not much evidence to back up such claims.

    Medicinal Way

    medicinal way delay period

    Dr. Varshney says, “Going the medicinal and scientific way, there are certain medicines that you should take only under the guidance of your gynaecologist to prepone or postpone your periods.”

    However, there are some rumours that claim that these medications can make many next menstrual cycles irregular, in addition to causing many other symptoms. These claims, however, are untrue. You can take such medications in emergency situations, and they won't interfere with your regular cycle. They will only influence one cycle in particular. But you should have them under proper medical guidance only.

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    Why Periods Sometimes Arrive Earlier Or Later

    why period get early or late

    Many internal and external factors have an impact on our menstrual cycles. Various hormones, in addition to things like stress, exercise, and other things, can affect the menstrual cycle. Therefore, if you experience early or delayed periods, it may be because of a number of things that have an impact on our cycle.

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    However, it's wise to consult a medical expert if your period has been missed, late, or not normal lately. 

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