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Getting Blood Clots All Over The Body? Signs Your Body Gives You Before LIVER DAMAGE

If your body is showing any signs, the first thing you should do is consult a doctor.
Published -22 May 2022, 10:42 ISTUpdated -24 May 2022, 13:38 IST
liver damage symptoms on skin

Our skin often shows symptoms that warn us of impending dangers. So, if you notice anything unusual on your skin, you must consult a doctor to figure out what is causing it. This is because some diseases show themselves primarily through the skin.  For example, Jaundice. As during jaundice, the skin begins to turn yellow.

Similarly, when we have liver disease or damage, our skin begins to give us warning signs. It becomes a sign that now you should see a doctor. 

To learn more, we spoke with Dt. Shikha Mahajan, a dietitian and holistic nutritionist who is also the founder of Diet Podium. She told us in detail about the reactions on the skin.

Signs Of Liver Damage:

livevr damage signs by dt shikha

Blue Rashes And Bleeding On Skin

Blue Rashes And Bleeding On Skin

A bluish tinge all over the body and easy bleeding are two of the first indicators of liver damage. These signs indicate that your liver is not healthy and that the proteins required to avoid blood clotting are not being produced in sufficient quantities.

Itching On Skin

The accumulation of bile in the blood can also be a sign of liver damage. When this happens, the skin starts itching. When the bile duct is blocked, bile gradually mixes with the blood and gets collected on the lower part of the skin. This is why your skin begins to itch and you experience discomfort.

Formation Of Spider Angiomas

Formation Of Spider Angiomas

The appearance of spider angiomas is one of the many symptoms that appear on the skin. These are tiny cells that look like spider webs. These get formed on the lower area of the skin and begin to appear when the body's oestrogen levels rise. If they are appearing on skin, it means the liver is not working properly and your hormones are not being metabolized appropriately.

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Bad Breath

bad breath sign of liver damage

Bad breath can also indicate that your liver is not working properly. High levels of dimethyl sulphide may indicate that you have liver cirrhosis, which causes a bad, rotten smell from the mouth. Bad breath caused by liver damage is called Fetor hepaticus.

Itching, Burning And Redness On Palms

Another sign of liver damage is an increase in the redness, burning, and itching in your palms. It is called Palmar erythema in medical terms. This is caused due to abnormal hormone levels in the body.

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Hyperpigmentation On Face

Hyperpigmentation On Face

If you notice freckles and hyperpigmentation on your face, it could be a sign of liver damage. When the liver isn't functioning properly, the body's oestrogen levels rise. In this situation, the copper-containing enzyme tyrosinase increases in the body. It increases the production of melanin and causes pigmentation problems.

If you notice any of these signs on your skin, or any other symptoms, you should contact a doctor straight away. It could be caused by a sign of liver damage, or it could be an indication of something else entirely. Regular checks can help you avoid developing a serious illness. In such cases, you should consult a doctor, who can go over the problem in detail.

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