People are adapting Ayurveda into their lifestyle especially within wellness communities and it is inspiring even western culture these days. It is the natural adaptation for changing one’s lifestyle. For some of them, it seems to be daunting to adopt ayurveda in their daily lifestyle. Some may feel that it is unrealistic as well as irrelevant to adapt to their modern lifestyle.

But the reality is- Ayurveda is the source or the medium for everyone to make their lifestyle healthy. Not only that, Ayurveda can also be adapted to suit the changing environment in one’s life, and its philosophical methods influence many in changing their everyday lifestyle. Therefore, we spoke to Dr. Ankita Gupta, BAMS, Birla Ayurveda who told us all about the power of rhythm, massage formula, and moderation in ayurveda and how you can incorporate it into your lifestyle easily.

Following The Power Of Rhythms

ayurveda lifestyle rhythm

Ayurveda is the key that completely changes the perspective of one’s living. It is just an excellent as well as a simple way of adapting. The only key to incorporate Ayurveda is to listen to what’s going on with your body, keep it in tune, not overwork with it mentally as well as physically, to keep your digestion in check(signs of bad gut health). The philosophy of Ayurveda syncs with our everyday lifestyle i.e. it is with us and around us. 

ayurveda lifestyle digestion

  • In technical terms, Ayurveda is said to be a Dinacharya, meaning a daily routine that structures around the circadian rhythm of the earth. 
  • Waking with the sunrise, sleeping by 10 pm, eating on time, having your main meal of the day at lunchtime—that is because during the lunchtime your digestion is the strongest and lightest, and it is suggested to complete your dinner before 8 pm to give your body the time for the digestion for you to enjoy the movement of better sleep. 
  • It likewise implies incorporating little yet extraordinary habits, for example, tongue-tingling first thing in the morning, oil pulling, yoga(best yoga asans for all) and contemplation that work for you as an individual to make your lifestyle all the more better. 
  • Having a musicality to hang your day from brings genuinely necessary help for the brain and body in a quick-moving world.

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Adapting The Formula Of Massage

ayurveda lifestyle massage formula

  • The healing and loosening up characteristics of massage are no mystery.
  • Utilizing some natural or Ayurvedic oil with a calming aroma can do some incredible things for your skin and health by making it delicate and optimal.
  • Aside from that, rubbing the scalp or the bottoms of your feet with oil more than once per week has demonstrated to be valuable to the body.
  • Regardless of whether it is self-knead or an expert one, adding back rubs to our medical services routine is a decent choice. 
  • Be it an extravagant treat, stress help, torment the executives, or injury mitigation, knead therapy has become an indispensable ayurvedic treatment form.

Choose Moderation Over Elimination

ayurveda lifestyle moderation

As per Ayurveda, everything can have both medicinal effects on you or toxic effects on you. It begins to go too far-ranging from supportive to destructive is when we ignore limits. An overdose of something that is otherwise good can be very hurtful to your body too. Therefore, moderation of everything that you give your body is prescribed in Ayurveda. Moderation is the key to incorporating Ayurveda in your lifestyle and hence bringing your vata, pitta and kapha in a lasting balance.

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