International Yoga Day is just around the corner, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted his animated version performing yoga poses. Videos demonstrated step by step yoga poses and also explained their health benefits.

PM Modi captioned a video as, ”Doing Tadasana properly would enable you to practice many other Asanas with ease.” He started the video by explaining the right way of standing and concentrating on breathing. 

What Is Tadasana

Tadasana, also known as the Palm tree pose, is known to strengthen your abdomen and muscles, thus, helping you in improving your posture. It’ll also enhance your physical and mental balance. 

Even doctors recommend pregnant women to perform this yoga as it will strengthen their abdomen muscles. It also helps in the regulation of the menstrual cycle and increasing kid's height.

How To Do It?

modi animated video tadasana

  • Stand erect with legs slightly apart and hands on your side.
  • Bring your arms at your shoulder level with your palms facing downward.
  • Now, interlock your fingers and inhale slowly, while lifting your arms together and raising them over your head.
  • Once you have stationed your body in this position, slowly lift your heels from the ground and balance your weight on your toes.
  • Look slightly above the horizontal level and hold this position for 10-15 seconds. You can hold this position for longer if you can.
  • While exhaling, bring down the heels, open your arms and come back to normal position. 
  • Repeat this exercise 15 to 20 times a day.


  • People dealing with blood pressure problems should not practice this yoga.
  • Do not overstretch while practicing.
  • People suffering from insomnia should avoid doing this yoga until their yoga instructor recommends them.
  • If you are facing problem in maintaining the balance then perform it without raising your feet.

What Is Vrikshasana

Vrikshasana, also known as Tree pose, is known to bring balance and equilibrium to your mind. It also strengthens your leg, back, and arms muscle. It is beneficial for people who are suffering from sciatica.

How To Do It?

  • Stand straight and keep your hands by your side.
  • Bend your left knee and place the left foot high up on your right thigh. Balance your weight perfectly on your right leg.
  • Now, take a deep breath and raise your arms overhead. Bring your palms together in Namaste mudra.
  • Ensure that your spine is straight and look straight.
  • Hold this position for 10-15 minutes, or for longer if you can.
  • Breathe out slowly and gently bring down your hands and leg down. Come back to normal position and relax.
  • Repeat this pose 15-20 times a day.


  • If you are suffering from insomnia, migraine, low or high blood pressure, then avoid performing this pose.

So, if you are not fond of yoga then you might need to rethink about it! 

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