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Importance Of Mental Health For Working Mom

Are you getting exhausted being a work-from-home mother? Here's why you should pay attention to your mental health!
Published -06 May 2022, 11:04 ISTUpdated -06 May 2022, 11:29 IST
  • Mahima Girotra
  • Editorial
  • Published -06 May 2022, 11:04 ISTUpdated -06 May 2022, 11:29 IST
stress among working mothers

The path toward corporate success has always been challenging for a woman, more so when she becomes a mother. Strong family support becomes crucial for women to take the path less trodden and to swim against the tide. Though we can see a positive change in the corporate culture in accepting diversity in the workplace, it is still a long and challenging way to go. In a conversation with Ms. Bhavana Bindra, Managing Director, REHAU South Asia, we felt the need to spread awareness over mental health importance when it comes to working mothers. 

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Standing at 2022, we still witness incidences where an employer thinks twice before approving the promotion to a deserving employee who is on maternity leave. Reason? Over the years we have seen, that once a woman becomes a mother at the peak of her career journey, the mother’s soul overpowers the corporate leader and things become more emotionally challenging.

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Quitting Work For Children

There have been occurrences where renowned women leaders have left their work and positions to devote themselves to their children. And why does a woman behave in this way? Since time immemorial, society has left no stone unturned in blaming a mother who leaves her child back at home, to go outside and fulfill her own dreams. These incidences piled up and create space for mental illness in working mothers. We as a community need to understand that a mother, sacrifices a lot from the moment she takes her baby on her lap, her sleep, her diet, her body, her social life, and more.

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Post-partum depression is real in today’s world and there is minimal awareness about the same in society. At extreme levels, we have seen so many episodes where a mother has harmed the baby unintentionally while dealing with a mental illness that the entire family was unaware of. 

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Physical Health Vs Mental Health

Mental health is a very sensitive issue, people never forget to take care of their physical health but tend to ignore their own mental well-being.  As an individual, we cannot fight our mental illness for long without proper diagnosis and prolonged ignorance becomes the reason for the toxic environment around us. A person affected with mental illness does not only harm herself/himself, they involuntarily start harming the lives around them, be it at work or at home. A mentally strong person can take on any storm head-on at any given time, whereas, it becomes difficult for a mentally weak person to deal with a minor problem. 

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As a community, we need to prioritize the mental health of working mothers as they not only deal with physical exhaustion but mental stress as well. A harmonious environment and a supportive peer group can become therapeutic for a working mother who struggles to meet all her deadlines diligently. A little more compassion and a little more empathy can increase the productivity level of these mothers. There is no point in running away from the fact that we live in a patriarchal society and it would take another hundred years for things to change in favour of our women leaders. Having said that,

in today’s world, women need to carve their own path without depending on others to feed their mental health. This is for single working mothers; meditate, eat healthily, nurture their baby, achieve their professional goals, and party hard at the end of the day. This mother’s day, take an oath to prioritize your mental health and be fiercely strong to take on the world! 

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