Sugar is loved by most of us, but since it is so harmful to health due to its high calories that it is recommended to not consume it too much. There are many alternatives of sugar available in the market that tastes mostly like sugar but are lower in calories. It allows sugar patients and fitness enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite sweet dishes, without consuming too many calories. A better and even lesser calorie ingredient has been introduced called, allulose. 

What Is Allulose? 

The biggest factor is that this new-age is a natural element found on plants like figs and raisins. However, it is not a new discover. And if media reports are to be believed, it not any artificial sweetener that is available in the market, but actual sugar. It just differs in the molecular size. 

What Is Allulose

How Does It Taste? 

Reportedly, allulose taste 70 per cent like regular sugar. Here we are talking about the white sugar that many Indian households use to make their teas and porridge. 

What All Can You Do With Allulose? 

Speaking of porridges, it is important to discuss what all can be cooked using this amazing low-calorie sugar variant. After doing a little bit of research, we curated a short list of things that can make adding allulose, instead of regular sugar in it. Some of them are: 


We Indians love our kheer and sewai. When it comes to these, we don’t think twice before messing with our calorie charts. But what if this experience can become guilt-free? With allulose it is possible. 



When preparing the batter for pancakes, we want the particles of sugar to quickly and nicely dissolve in the flour. If you thought the same won’t happen if you use allulose, you’re probably wrong. 


Lado, barfi and jalebi are simply love! There is hardly anything that can beat the taste of these! The good news is you can also make these, using allulose. This means now you can relish your favourite sweets, which actually comprising your health.

What Does Study Say About Allulose? 

What Does Study Say About Allulose

As per health reports, there are limited studies on this new-age low-calorie sugar which has been found to show nearly zero impact on blood sugar levels. However, a research that was conducted on type 2 diabetes patients showed that “small doses of allulose didn’t show a significant effect on plasma glucose.” 

Tooth decay is something that most people around the world suffers from. At an early age, our parents also asked us to not eat too many candies, as sweet foods can impact teeth’s health. Seems like the coming generation won’t have to get bothered with it, as another from Tate & Lyle showed that “allulose does not cause any tooth decay.” 

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How Is It Available In The Market? 

How Is It Available In The Market

In a few parts of the world, allulose has already garnered much popularity, unlike India. A lot of companies have started producing their products that have allulose, instead of regular or artificial sweeteners. Some of the things are energy bars, granola bars, juices, cookies, etc. 

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