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    Taro Or Arbi And It's Health Benefits By Health Coach Preety Tyagi

    Taro or Arbi are great for your health and we are here to show you why!
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    Published -15 Nov 2021, 15:19 ISTUpdated -15 Nov 2021, 15:45 IST
    Taro Or Arbi And It's Health Benefits

    For anyone who has been having home cooked Indian foods, must be familiar with arbi which is a root vegetable. It can be cooked in various ways and adds to the deliciousness of a complete Indian meal. Luckily for us, it is not just a delicious vegetable to add to your meals, but has tremendous health benefits too. After talking to Preety Tyagi we learnt about the health benefits of taro root also known as Arbi.

    It is a vegetable which is very low in calorie content and very high in nutrients. It actually is a food that can even help you while you are on diet, wanting to lose weight. It is also very high in fiber content, so it makes the stomach feel full and content sooner than the other vegetables ever will. It aids in the process of digestion in the body and helps in clearing the stomach too. It's a great vegetable for optimum gut health.

    Preety Tyagi about Arbi

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    Since it is a vegetable, low in calories, it is great to have and helps to burn the extra kilos. Not only being a vegetable that contains no fat and is fibrous, arbi contains an abundant amount of antioxidants in it, and is a really rich source of Vitamin A, B and C. Due to these properties, it is an excellent food to nourish your hair and skin and helps you in looking forever youthful and energetic. It also helps in preventing the regular wear and tear that may occur in your body tissues and helps you nourish your body internally as well as externally.

    Benefits of Taro

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    However, we have to consider the way we cook this healthy vegetable. A lot of people love to deep fry arbi and make it into a delicious, mouthwatering delicacy. However, the best way to consume it to maximize its health benefits to your body, should be to steam it or boil it. Completely avoid deep frying this vegetable and enjoy the health benefits that it brings to your heart health as well. It is a vegetable that is very low in sodium and is excellent for those suffering from hypertension and other heart health issues, but this holds true only when it is cooked in the right way.

    So, enjoy this healthy vegetable in your daily diet, cooked in the right way and enjoy the health benefits to the max.

    Preety Tyagi is a certified Health Coach from Institute of Intergative Nutrition, New York. She is the recipient of Distinguished Service Award and Sashakth Nari Samman from government And recipient of Smart Global City Entrepeneur Award. She is also the Wellness Ambassador for Fortis Escorts. If you love articles like these then stay to to HerZindagi for more.



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