We have always seen dinner tables designed aesthetically with flowers placed in vases, but have you ever thought what if those flowers appear on your plate itself. No wonder flowers can be eaten, flowers are widely used across cuisines, to add colour, fragrance and taste to the dishes. And, believe it or not, over 50 varieties of flowers can be safely consumed. But it is to be remembered, that not all varieties are edible or safe. Thus the right knowledge about edible flowers is necessary.

In addition to this, flowers not only make the dish more appealing in ways, but they also offer several health benefits, since they are organic, there are some flowers known to treat a lot of human problems. Check out some edible flowers and the benefits they offer.



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This flower is one of the most favourites of culinary experts. For one, it adds a very vibrant colour to the dish and for two, it is healthy to consume. Nasturtium can be eaten raw or cooked and both, the flower and its leaves are edible. Further, this flower is known for its peppery and spicy flavour and the flower is used majorly in salads and it is round yellow-orange in appearance. This flower can offer you an explosion of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties and can cure a lot of ailments related to this. Regular consumption of this flower can also help you maint a healthy glow on your skin.



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Calendula is another edible flower that offers numerous benefits. This flower is used to prevent muscle spasm, start menstrual periods and reduce fever. Not only that, but this flower is also filled with properties that can treat sore throat and mouth, menstrual cramps, stomach and duodenal ulcers and certain types of cancers. This is again, one of the healthiest edible flowers out there and you should surely munch on this one to fight your health problems.

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Helianthus Annuus


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This flower is commonly known as the sunflower and has a lot of benefits to offer to us. Talking about the benefits this flower offers, the first one is that it can help in the reduction of high fever. The crushed leaves of this flower are used as a cure for sores, swelling, snakebites and spider bites. Further, a tea made out f these flowers can also help in curing minor or major lung ailments and malaria. Not only the flower, but its seeds and roots can also offer treatment of many pulmonary complaints and rheumatic conditions.

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This flower is consumed in the form of a tea usually and offers a number of benefits to the health, ranging from, improving the quality of your sleep to reducing your stress and anxiety. Further, this tea provides you relief against mental tensions, thanks to its calming properties. Talking about what more this flower has to offer, this flower helps in regulating your digestive system and protecting your heart against diseases, strokes and cancer as the flower is enriched with antioxidants.


Hibiscus is another very common flower that can be safely eaten to derive a few health benefits. It is known for its wide uses in worldwide cuisines and the medicinal properties that come along. This flower is known to control your cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels. And is consumed as a tea(benefits of hibiscus tea), jam, or as a part of salads.

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