Preparing ‘Dal-Chawal’ for dinner? You might need to rethink it. Eating rice at night can lead to weight gain as they are high in carbohydrates. According to studies, there is a right time for every food and the wrong time for some of them. To ensure that you make the most of their goodness eat them at an optimum time. 



Best Time To Eat- Daytime

Eating curd during the daytime can soothe your digestive system and strengthens your gut. Also, it helps keep one alert and perky and beat the afternoon blues.

Worst Time To Eat- Dinnertime

If you are prone to cold and cough, avoid it during dinnertime as it might lead to mucus formation.


Best Time To Eat- Daytime

Due to rich in carbohydrates, rice will keep you energized for the rest of the day.

Worst Time To Eat- Dinnertime

Rice can lead to unwanted weight gain.


right time to eat apples

Best Time To Eat- Morning

The best time to eat apples is in the morning as its pectin helps the intestines and bowel movement. Moreover, it also eliminates carcinogens and prevents constipation.

Worst Time To Eat- Dinnertime

Due to pectin, it is hard to digest apples during the nighttime. Also, they increase stomach acid and this can lead to discomfort.


Best Time To Eat- Lunchtime

Bananas contain high amounts of fiber which is good for improving digestion and curing heartburn.

Worst Time To Eat- Dinnertime

Eating bananas for dinner can disrupt the digestive system and may lead to mucus protection.


Best Time To Eat- Morning

Our body’s insulin is more effective in using up sugar in the morning and we can digest it better too, owing to higher metabolism and activity levels.

Worst Time To Eat- Dinnertime

Sugar irritates the digestive tract and leads to increased sleep disturbances. Too much sugar can also lead to a weight gain. 


Best Time to Eat- Morning

Potato starch lowers your blood cholesterol level. Potatoes are also rich in minerals which your body needs.

Worst Time To Eat- Lunch And Dinnertime

Potatoes are 2-3 times higher in calories than other vegetables. So don’t eat too many potatoes for dinner.


right time to eat chocolate

Best Time To Eat- Morning

Eating a few pieces of dark chocolate for breakfast will provide your body with antioxidants which reduce aging and are good for your health.

Worst Time To Eat- Lunch And Dinnertime

If you eat more than 25g of chocolate per day, your body starts turning the excess into fat deposits.


Best Time to Eat- Morning

Organic acids found in tomatoes facilitate digestive processes and regulate the functions of the stomach and pancreas.

Worst Time To Eat- Dinnertime

A large amount of oxalic acid has a negative effect on water-salt metabolism. So eating tomatoes for dinner can cause swelling. 


right time to eat oranges

Best Time To Eat- Snack Time

Orange improve the function of the digestive system, have an overall tonic effect on the body, and increase the metabolism.

Worst Time To Eat- Early Breakfast

Eating oranges on an empty stomach immediately after waking up can cause allergic reactions and stomach irritation, which increases the risk of developing gastritis.

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Pulses & Beans

Best Time To Eat- Daytime

Pulses and beans get digested properly and during daytime and don’t cause gas formation.

Worst Time To Eat- Dinnertime

Some people find it difficult to digest high fiber content and they might feel some kind of a gastric disturbance.

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