From time immemorial Ayurveda has been used in our country to heal diseases, prevent infections, and to benefit our bodies. We may think that most of the Ayurvedic practices are too difficult to follow in our daily lives but it is not so. But, the truth is it just needs a little patience and perseverance on our part and nothing else. Ever heard of the practice of oil pulling? Also known as ‘Kavala’, it involves swishing around plant-based oils in your mouth for some time to draw out all toxins and then spitting it out to remove them from your body. It is a simple, painless procedure that can be done every day to get a host of benefits for the entire body. Read on to find out the benefits of oil pulling and start trying it today!

How To Practice Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling can be done with sesame, olive or coconut oil which needs to swished around in the mouth for 10 to 15 minutes. The oil pulls toxins from the saliva in the mouth and starts to become thinner in consistency. After 15 minutes, spit it out taking care never to ingest the oil as it contains toxins and harmful microbes. Don’t spit it out in the sink as the oil may clog it. Now brush your teeth thoroughly and rinse well.

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Oil Pulling For Whiter, Cleaner Teeth

oil pulling for teeth benefits

With oil pulling, you do not have to use chemicals to make your teeth white like pearls. Natural anti-bacterial and antibiotic properties of the oil clean your teeth, giving them a pearl-like glow. With 2 weeks of regular oil pulling, you will start to feel the difference.

Oil Pulling For Oral Health

Oil puling also helps to get rid of oral bacteria and toxins, making your teeth white. At the same time, it also protects from the problem of cavity, bad breath, and blood flow from the gums. It also protects from other oral problems such as inflammation of the gums caused by plaque.

Detox Your Body With Oil Pulling

oil pulling for stomach benefits

Due to swelling in the body caused by bacteria and toxin, there may be several types of diseases. Mouth is the entrance to infectious microbes in your body from food, swets, medicines, air pollution etc. But oil pulling prevents the spread of toxin by eliminating the source of toxin. This means your body gets detoxified well with oil pulping.

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See Energy Levels Go Up

When the bacterial concentration is very high in the body then your energy level starts decreasing as your organs have difficulty working properly. But oil pulling reduces this burden from your body after which the level of energy starts increasing.

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Say Goodbye To Headaches

oil pulling for headache benefits

Stress due to the toxin present in the body can cause headache and migraine problems. This is a way to tell your body that you need more rest. But when you remove the bacteria and other harmful toxins from the body with the help of oil pulling, headache and migraine are reduced.

Have Cleaner Skin

When bacteria, viruses and other toxin enter bloodstream, your skin is damaged. And your skin becomes loses its shine. But when you pull oil, these harmful substances are eliminated before getting into blood and your skin stays healthy. Not only is skin healthier, but many types of problems can also be prevented.

Regulate Your Hormone Levels

The presence of toxins in the body negatively affects your hormones. And because of competition with external elements, they are unable to deal accordingly. But when these external elements are withdrawn their balance remains intact and they are able to act according to their capacity.

From oral health to taking care of important bodily functions, oil pulling has so many benefits and requires little effort. So what are you waiting for? Start doing it today. Just make sure you have no allergies from the oil that you are using and you are good to go. To know about more ayurvedic tips, keep reading Her Zindagi.